Battlefield V


in game currency? if so that’s not much difference from using a gun alot in BF4 to unlock a new attachment to improve stats on the gun


Oh well, wont be playing that then :frowning:


Depends if you can buy in game currency for actual money I suppose, but yeah, just a different way of ranking up a gun. Instead of xp you earn in game money. Means you can unlock what you want instead of having to grind to get the scope you want.


yeah, you get in-game currency for…something? just hanging about i think. you spend that on upgrades to guns (less horizontal/vertical recoil in adsor while stationary and quicker reload in my case). The upgrades unlock as you level the gun up, and are tiered (so you need to get some before others), and they’re providing the bonuses you used to get through the foregrips/laser sights in BF3 ro 4. Those sorts of things are included with the customization (rather than upgrade) options, and appear to be purely cosmetic. Those are unlocked separately through some bullshit i’ve no interest in because meh, cosmetics.

It means that for any given gun, you’ll be able to make it better, or better suited to how you want to use it at least, over time, as you use it. So yeah, like upgrading specific guns in previous battlefields.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to buy the in-game currency, but i’ve enough left after a few brief sessions to completely upgrade another gun after completely upgrading the first one, so it feels like it’s intended to be something you’ll keep getting over time rather than something to specifically grind or opt to pay-for. I think the cosmetic stuff is randomly unlocked, while the actual upgrades are tiered through levelling the gun up.

@Reno it’s got a lot more increments than battlefront2’s get 10 kills, get 50 kills, get 200 kills thing, but it feels pretty similar, albeit with choices based on how you use the gun.

Other thing i’m not sure on is how you re-equip guns. i upgraded my first gun, but i can’t remove upgrades to take different paths (like i had to choose between less recoil in ADS and better control while firing from the hip), i don’t know if that’s intended to be permanent or if it’ll be reversible later, or if you’ll just buy an extra copy of the gun and upgrade what you want.

I got a sniper-knife hat trick yesterday while capturing C with Clovenhoof and Scottyboy on Narvik. Leapt from a falling building, grabbed onto the side of the next, hauled myself in through a hole in the wall, knifed the sniper there, went downstairs and found another, jumped across to the next building to avoid incoming fire, and found another. What does the built in highlights save? shooting one guy on the stairs with a pistol and a revive.

Apart from some obvious flaws with the choice of map for the beta (Narvik specifically), I’ve really enjoyed it, looking forward to the finished article (without the spawn bugs or server disconnects).


Was good fun playing it. That respawn bug is defo a pain though.

I applied some cosmetics to my gun. They came in shipment packs and well were fairly easy to apply. The shipment packs appear to provide assignmemts for you as well. Which you can then assign to yourself to earn more company coinage.

Think i have seen enough to be sold. Il get EA premier to cover it.


fancy a game of fifa while we wait? pre-load is on Monday.

or Madden while we wait for that? I tried it briefly and didn’t get on with it because the AI knows more about calling plays and reading my team than i do, and the ‘story’ involves a lot of really slow cut scenes about a struggling musician who’s also a struggling football player and was on a reality tv show about football and country music with the other main character? I think maybe i have to play Madden 18 for it to make any sense, and i’m just not prepared to do that.

And Anthem when it comes out.


What’s the price difference from the normal and actual difference in what you get? I’ve the basic one atm


it’s 90 quid a year, but you get all new releases with whatever early access or bonuses are available, as well as access to the existing stuff and some newer releases that aren’t in ea access yet i guess (like Madden 19). Anything you add to your library you keep as long as you’re a member. It’s not clear on if you, for example, lose access to bfV at the end of next year if you switched back to the cheaper, but i’d guess by then the base game would be included in the lower tier anyway.


According to the Angry Joe video from a couple of days ago you wont be able to spend real money on them. I don’t know if you can buy other packs that include this currency but you can’t buy it directly according to Joe.


I did think I remember reading somewhere you would have to earn stuff not buy it but couldn’t remember if in fact I dreamt that or read it in real life.


Might have to wait till pay day at end of month. Actually if im half way through a EA Access year how does that work? Is £90 an upgrade price and new punters have to pay more?

But yeah id be up for some Fifa. Not sure about Madden.


I’ve really enjoyed the few games I’ve had, squads could do with being bigger (in RL they are 6-8 soldiers depending on nation) & I dunno but 6 just feels right in games. Love the feel of the guns & on full auto you definitley can’t empty a mag & expect kills, even on a bipod, so bursts are a must.

I shall be purchasing BurF V also :smiley:


For those looking to buy BFV, please use this link:


you get refunded your remaining existing subscription time pro-rata, that’s what i got when i upgraded, as a discount off the upgrade.


BETA expires at 15:00 today.


Turns out my ea access expires 24 Sept. Which is also pay day. So will get it then. Perfect.


Two things:

I’ve read a few stories about preorders being low, could this have anything to do with the Origin Subscription thing do you reckon? Do you think there has been a decent amount of adoption and this hadn’t been taken in to account against preorder numbers?

Also, whats all this silliness with the profanity filter filtering out ‘white man’ and ‘DLC’ but not ‘Insert colour man’ and ‘Free DLC’ from the chat (amongst other innocuous words and while missing some obvious ones)?!

If you don’t know what I mean on the second point, this video covers it and shows supposed examples (Trigger warning? The guy starts the video going on about the inclusion of women, the prosthetics thing and the historical inaccuracy gripe):

Edit: No dog in this fight since I’m checked out until 2143, I’m just wanting confirmation or otherwise from people I know who have played it.


I had read about the censors and seen loads of people spamming White Man everywhere. Im not sure. Sensationalism. I saw the censor in game and thought it was pretty decent, toning done the toxic chat. But to be honest advanced happyness controls mostly switched on anyway.


Not the first time EA filters haven’t worked. I had a video of SimCity… it’d censor calling your town “Crapville”… but would allow “Arsehole”. Go figure.

The “DLC” or “Whiteman” thing makes no sense. I think you have to understand what is being done. In the old days, you’d have a “word list” that would act as a censor check. Judging by the fact “DLC” gets censored, but “Free DLC” doesn’t would seem to me that they are using a more complex algorithm - which can only get better overtime. In my opinion, an “anti-toxic” system needs to work with Machine Learning - and make itself more efficient through use and manual input until it can distinguish what is ok and what is toxic. That takes a live environment.


This is where I was automatically less charitable - I defaulted to the assumption that they were using a white list/black list rather than any sort of algorithm.

My cynicism aside, I can’t think of a situation where an algorithm would filter in this way…dunno, seems so crazy I wanted a bit of ZiiPster feedback.