Battlefield V


You know the best filter system for toxic behaviour? Community run dedicated servers with responsible admins.

Modern gaming killing that off though.


Plus fucking 1


the only people with chat enabled at this point should be the ones who want to behave like that or actively take issue with others. And probably some kids who are determined to explain to other players how/why they’re playing wrong, or to express their anger in an unsatisfying way. That shit’s on them.



Like with brightness adjustment that you get in some games, one of the first things to pop up when you launch a game with multiplayer these days should be “Advanced happiness controls: On or Off?”.

Or better yet defaulted to off.


Agree with most of this… Really don’t like the weapon upgrades

Westie explains why the Weapon Upgrades are bad and why some Beta games were seriously one-sided.


With the open beta for DICE’s Battlefield 5 ending recently, fans voiced their concerns about the various map sizes in multiplayer. The chief concern was that current map sizes were too small, and not quite up to par with Battlefield 3 and 4 . Even if this is a beta, and not indicative of the final product, the game is roughly two months away, and maps aren’t something that can be radically changed to meet such demands in that period.

EA has tried to distance itself from lootboxes, microtransactions and cost-heavy, content-light DLC since the Battlefront 2 debacle, so instead of a season pass it is offering a free live service called Tides of War which changes the game’s content every few months, which will hopefully keep the game fresh and employ some innovative mechanics.


So I’ve not had time to review the entire thread its SOOOOOOOOOOOO long… i played the BETA and quite enjoyed it I was hoping for something a little different but it seems to be a little bit more interesting than BF1 (I really didn’t get along with BF1…)

Is anyone actually planning on buying it?

I’m still borderline and cant quite decide…


At the moment this is bargain bin buy for me. It is was just not there yet. Played the closed alphas(yes there were two) then played the open beta. Open beta was a lot better than the alphas but it was still not really at a stage where I would spend any money.


thats great but rember for every ZiiP server out there, there will be a server run by someone like me who will use the ban hammer at the slightest provocation will go power crazy … i did that alot to Button back in CS:S :smiley:


But that’s because it was Buttons’ fault!

Or at least that’s how I remember the rule going.


I think I am 75%-25% for buying the game. Felt better than BF1 and from what I have read, I am encouraged.


I’ll be passing on it. I don’t have the patience for it these days. I’d rather solo games on Supreme Commander, or tear around on WT with the others.

Maybe if they ever do a 2143, I’ll have a look.


I kind of enjoyed it, BUT at the same time it didn’t grip me as much. Sure it plays similar to what I rmember BC2 to play like, on certain maps the level of destruction was impressive. Love the non existing spotting system, sneaking up on people was kinda fun but the time to kill was also rather short. The weapons felt good but the upgrades where too far spaced in between as were new updates.

BUT I also remembered quickly why this kind of game isn’t my cup of tea anymore. I like having a beer in the evening, playing with some friends and have a good time. I’m still competetive but this game showed me my limits fairly quickly. I would need LOTS of time to invest, not just to get better again at shooters but simply to unlock all that shit I would need. I found it infuriating that almost every gun or unlock was hidden behind some sort of “time played” and the bar filled at PAINFULLY slow speeds. First I need to grind for the weapon, than for the unlock, than probably for the cosmetics… and so on.

I will definitely pick it up if its ever on sale or if I get it cheaper. Probbaly not on relaese though, maybe on Christmas when I’m at my parents?


Think I’m with others on this. Will pick it up when it goes on sale or if I upgrade my EA origin subscription. Bit like Zon and Cal i’ve lost a lot of love for this style of game. Need something with a good story or something more in the way of game modes. Not fussed anymore on round based FPS games now.


im on a self imposed Shooter ban as my temper is getting the better of me with them so RPGs and action games with an easy setting for me thank you.

from the half a match i played on the beta seemed fun and i liked the changes that i had time to interact with but i will likely like BF1 wait for a decent sale not down to the games fault down to me being a twat i think



Some useful information within these videos



Has anyone pre-ordered this game yet?


Yeah i did 2 months ago, still looking foward for it