Battlefield V


Getting it as part of the Origin sub


I think I am more than likely gonna pick this up soon…






The only reason i would buy it


Not even a reason now for me. Only get it if it goes on sale for cheap


Oh yeah…defo in the sales Hammy. Not buying it new just for that


Am all in. Loved the beta, love the look of this.


I shall be buying as soon as funds are available


In August, Battlefield 5’s release date was delayed to November 20. As a means of compensating players for their patience, DICE will give players two free in-game items—so long as they sign-in during its first week of release.

Announced via Twitter, the developer’s general manager Oscar Gabrielson says early adopters will receive the Oscar Mike Helmet and Oscar Mike Emblem. A coinciding press release says the names of the items derive from “military radio jargon used on the front lines.” Logging on during week one will see the items appear as shipments in the Armory.


Thanks to a recent EA blog post, we know what the first few months of content drops look like for Battlefield V ’s Tides of War post-release DLC plan. The festivities begin with Overture in early December, culminating with the arrival of Firestorm battle royale in March. Here’s a quick recap of what we know.


@MadMan found this

Jackfrags - takes you through it…


Preload anyone? Im only remote desktoping in at moment but mines been on preparing since 1? Doesnt seem right.


Ive preloaded the game today :slight_smile:


Its playable Friday right? Im planning Pizza, beer and BfV. In no particular order.


I dont know,depends wich version you have,i guess i just have 10 hours trial before the launch later this month…


Ive got the Origin Premier access. So think I can play from Friday. But having some difficulty getting past the “preparing” stage of the download. Gonna try later.


Mine started downloading right away.

1pm GMT tomorrow apparently. I might take the afternoon off and then spend 3-4 hours watching as their servers crumble and fall under the initial load, as has happened with nearly every multiplayer thing i’ve tried at launch.