Battlefield V


Ooooh fab.

Deffo up for a Friday sesh of watching “Connecting…” on my screen with you guys :slight_smile:


Il hopefully be on from around 6ish. And not budging.

Download started after reloading origin and creating some more space on ssd. (ByeBye Hardline)


I’ll try and get it loaded tonight. I’ll be on from 8ish.


went released at 1pm today…or at least, it started running then, just watching the intro now before i have to pop out.


Oooh if thats the case I will be on tonight :slight_smile:


Eh release already? Cant see that il have it Downloaded tonight. Still had about 30Gig to go when i left this morning. And the wifes off no doubt watching netflix.


yeah, bit odd, sure it said pre-load 8th and the release was the 9th at 1pm GMT, then when i went back to the window it said ‘Just released’.

First war story is paddling a canoe as a member of the newly formed SBS…


new nvidia drivers came out for it too…


got about 15Gb to go. Just home. It does say Playable, which I presume if for the single player. So may give that a bash this evening and MP tomorrow. Maybe MP is tomorrow release.


Mine is now “Playable” but with no actual way of playing it.


I might be getting a copy of this from someone, but I’m fucking off for the weekend on my todd to relax and catch a breather after the last 2 months of insanity with work.


Correction. Right mouse click and use the play menu item in the context menu. I think they may have missed hiding that one?


So its not even open to anything other than the origin premium?


Seems that way. Think Origin basic get 10 hr trial from now/tomorrow as well.



Have to say, early impression of the single player. Liked it. Liked it alot. Few bugs here and there. Like spontaneosly combusting at one point near a parked truck for no apparent reason. Played through the first act and enjoyed the stealthy mission, the openess of the next part of the mission and having a firefight to Long Way From Tipperary was pretty cool.

Looking forward to MP tomorrow night.


One thing I have found in MP is that DX12 sucks. Played much smoother with it turned off.


yup, BF1 was the same in that respect. I leave it and all the VFX stuff on for single player, and then in multiplayer i’ll have it reconfigured to something sensible; does anyone leave motion blue on for multiplayer, and if so why?

looks like headshots are a different colour hit marker by default now :slight_smile: They’ve learned something.


Agree with scott too, the singleplayer has started really strongly, and it looks like there’s a lot more length to it than the BF1 war stories. Makes me look forward to the co-op.


I really liked the BF1 WarStories. Which bodes well for the BFV ones then.

Co-op? Did not know that was going to be a thing. Nice. TBH, I really don’t know much about this release.


if people are still playing it come december i might try and get it