Battlefield V


the co-op is one of the thigns they’ve pushed back so it won’t be here at launch, but yeah, it’s apparently going to be a thing.


Worth getting early?


Not sure if you mean is it worth you getting early? or for us having got it early?

All can say Is I am really enjoying it so far. Had some great games last night with @n0tch and @adrock .

Running about fields and hedgerows defending our artillery against hordes of paratroopers took me right back to games of COD on brecourt.

And building things! Yey. Crap at DIY in real life but dab hand at building sandbag castles and Anti-Air guns in this. :wink:


So played a operations with adrock for a bit. takes some getting used to. 99.99 euro for the yearly subscription


Worth getting early is what I meant. Trying to see if I can justify the 90 quid a year


Well 2 games and it has payed itself… so bfv and anthem atleast. Titanfall 2 there as well.


What happens when you cancel subscription - do you lose the games?


Yep, but you have to treat it as renting them. You stop renting a flat for a monthly payment, you don’t get to keep it at the end.


Hmmmm… I can always get it in the sale I suppose…

Is the MP good fun? I want to avoid a BF1 disaster where hardly anyone played it


After one night, yes it is good fun. We can’t see into the future though, so you pays ya money ya takes ya chances unfortunately :wink:


Weighing things up, I cannot justify the 90 quid outlay when I know I am on likely to have one game night a week (Saturday) due to the travelling for work now. Most nights in after 8pm, getting up most mornings at 6am (subject to holidays!)

So I have pre-ordered the game using Jess’ link to cdkeys and I will join you on the first Saturday after release.

A review from any of you about maps, gameplay, squads would be really appreciated!


That’s fair enough Mic. Its not long to wait.

I have only had 2 nights at this so still early days.

My early thoughts are I really like a Map set in the lush farmlands of France, cant recall actual map names yet to be honest. Farmstyle buildings to defend, bridge over a river to cross, hedgerows and fields flanked with drainage channels allowing to sneak around. Played this on Grand Operations and Day 1 starts with you having to defend or attack fixed gun emplacements. The Attackers parachute in and really you are attacked from all angles. As the map progresses into Day 2 and 3 there are conquest style game play. Counterattack missions to retake an objective and then try to proceed and plant bombs.
This seems the format for the other grand operations maps. There is an African desert style map with lots of sand. This clears up as game progresses.
I think I played Rotterdam once which became a bombed out shell of its former self as the game progresses. Lots of rubble and bombed out buildings.

Overall I like grand operations but it really relies on working closely with your squad and hoping that the other squads in your side are doing the same. Grand operations can be pretty chaotic. Attacks from all sides, and well its risky business respawning on anyone. It is very satisfying holding on to a point or successfully attacking one.

Building fortification is fun, digging trenches, new bunker style buildings that change layout of a flag area and even gun emplacements.

Squad play is a pain that its limited to 4 players.
Squad leader has ability to call in some supports from points earned by squad play. These include some sort of supply crate, an anti tank gun being towed by a half track style truck, Normally some other vehicle and then the V1 Bomb. Which you do not want to be in the vicinity off when it goes off.

Could say so much more Mic, but to be honest most of it can be seen in the Jackfrag or others videos.


Great games with @Scottyboy last night. Plus nabbed a great deal on an AIO for my PC. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know :wink:


Lol am i the only one waiting for the 20th here ?


Yeah cmon man. Will be fully ranked by then!! :wink:


You better because mayo is comming for you


Will you guys be on tonight?


I should be on a bit.


No, not the only one :wink:


At some point :slight_smile: