Battlefield V


I shall be on. No work tomorrow so wine and bfv is the order of day.


Oops I appear to have spent money I haven’t got & pre ordered BF V. AH WEY :smile:


A good battle on BFV with jackfrags and friends - in case you are undecided on the game along with a review showing off some of the nicities.

Also added a tips video.






@Leepants - will thee be partaking?


O hell no.

I tried BF1 (or whatever teh last one was called) and didn’t like it at all.

Mind, i haven’t looked at ANY reviews etc…

Doesn’t look like I even ahve Origin installed any more.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I need to know what it[s like. Compare it to BF2. Is it twitchy? Squad play work? Erm… more questions that will possibly come to me.

I also doin’t understand teh pricing… Pay for origin AND for the game, or like xbox gamepass - pay the access and teh game is free until you unsubcribe?


You are paying for access. £15 a month (EEK!) Or £90 or £99 A year (sure I paid £90). Then you have access to EA library of games. Including latest releases. Dont renew and you wont have access to the games. Seemples.
Origin remains free. And you can buy a game at a time if you wish and add it to your origin library.


No Jackfrags speaking in this video. So its ok.


From what ive heared, people who particulary didnt like BF1, do like BFV alot


need to take more footage. First Knifey the other night.


Some moar.


Download will start tonight if I am lucky otherwise tomorrow for the release. Day off on Thursday so hopefully I may be up for a game during the day…! if not the weekend if anyone’s about!


I am off on Thursday @MicJules Got some studying to do but I am sure I could squeeze in a game or two during the day!


Download is half done, should complete tonight :smiley:


Just over an hour left, started dl’ing yesterday :slight_smile: Pure coincidence I’m off work this week (honest I booked holidays in way before the release date was announced) :smiley:


Rogue booked time off to play a game!!!



Anyone, kplzthx? :smiley:

And any idea if there is a demo available? I have had a quick look about, nothing…



Squad play is a must in my book, to be attacking or defending the same points together. If you are seperated or are on your own you will mostly be outgunned by other squads.

But working together to heal/revive, rearm and resupply, build fortifications to defend I find hugely satisfying. Had some really good teamwork based games with @adrock and @n0tch and @NastyPasty where we have held onto areas, attacked points, blown up targets, dug in and held out and generally just done shooty mcshooty stuff.

Some of the game modes are full on. Contstant attacking to try and overwhelm areas or force through lines. Or vice versa whilts trying to hold out in defense.

I find that supressing fire works to keep your head down (for the most part) which unfortunately goes two ways.

Snipers are as always pretty lethal, but sniping is not going to win you maps alone so there tends to be fair balance. And they can be fairly easily spotted through lens flare.
I play alot of support in this game which in my entire BF playing days I can say is pretty much a first. I really like laying down lots of fire onto areas.

Grand Operations game modes are the more full throttle modes, quite often focussing the full server onto single points. Conquest may allow for the more pantehs tactical play as the game is spread out over more points.

There are frutrating parts of airborne game play at the moment which need to be overcome. Airborne you paradrop into attack fixed positions. But quite often the planes are shot out the sky before you can get a chance to jump. Needs fixed. And last night playing with @NastyPasty we got bombed at our spawn literally as we started to move as it seems that airplanes can spawn and traverse the map before the infantry are fully released! But I am sure these will be ironed out soon.

Is it twitchy? Probably. Its fast paced, its frutrating, its huge fun, its battlefield!


Oh @Leepants if you sign up for the ea basic. Which I think is like £4 and you can cancel at any time, you will get a 10 hour demo of the full game. Plus access to some other games for a month. Worth it?



Howzit feel compared to BF2, Scotteh? I have a free weekend upcoming…


I find this tough to answer as BF has moved on along way since BF2. It clearly misses commander mode for one, smaller squads in BFV is a bit of a pain, 4 instead of 6 (I think thats what BF2 was). In terms of shooting people. The default vanilla mode I think is pretty decent. Not as bad as it has been in some BF releases hit detection for most part seems pretty decent. Have had a few instances of clear hits not registering which could really be down to my end hard to tell.
Building fortifications allows you to change defensive layouts of areas which is pretty neat. So you can literally dig in (a trench), reinforce fences with sandbag walls, build impromptu areas of cover while you assault a flag. Build the big tank steel blockades, build mg positions, aa positions (depending on your class). I mean it really is a way evolved from BF2. BF2 holds fond memories and always feels more tactical to modern iterations of BF. But I am just really enjoying this.