Battlefield V


BATTLEFIELD V UPDATE - Looks like they have fixed some of the issues @Scottyboy and I have found.

Original Mission

Hello, and welcome to the release notes for the Battlefield™ V 11/14/2018 Update.

This is a smaller update that resolves a few stability issues that we’ve identified as well as a squishing a few bugs related to game modes.

This update also enables DXR ray tracing for graphics cards that support the feature.

/Jaqub Ajmal
Producer – Battlefield V

(Twitter: @Jaqubajmal Weibo: @Jaqub)

Change List

  • Fixed an issue that could result in a very uneven number of players at the start of a round.
  • Made improvements to matchmaking with a full squad which should result in less disconnects.
  • In some cases, the revive functionality would suddenly stop to function for all of the players on a server. This has now been fixed.
  • Further improvements to game client stability have been made.
  • In the Airborne game mode, spawn protection has been added when attackers spawn into planes. The planes are no longer as vulnerable to AA fire as they used to be at longer distances.
  • Fixed an issue in Airborne where the bomb carriers could finish arming the objective even though they were dead.
  • Players can no longer shoot down airplanes too quickly in Airborne, which could result in the attackers not being able to spawn.
  • In War Stories, players are no longer able to collect Letters while playing offline due to them not being able to update the persistence counters, which requires an online connection.
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon would disappear on the weapon selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue in Frontlines mode on Devastation where the bomb in some rare cases spawned inside a wall.
  • Fixed an issue which made the menus unusable when cancelling a matchmaking session.
  • Fixed an issue with the lens sight alignment on the MP34 weapon.


That patch has been out a few days. The airborne fix is not working.


For anyone interested.


Just been playing it for a few hours,but how can you not love this game!?


I shall be downloading this over the weekend :slight_smile:


Well… that was exciting.

Took a bit of time to come to grips with things… build stuff and defending was fun and the best bit, the opposition were not bullet sponges like before.

More to follow but game time is calling


How big is the download for this?

I’m sure it’s going to be an overnight and then some for me to download it in any case.


44GB I think


Fuck… Might take a bit longer.

Yay for 6Mb connections :confused:


Can you kick it off now?


I’m in the office in cork and not home until 7 or 8 this evening, so it’ll just be overnight downloading for me. Can’t take all the bandwidth from the house trying to eventually download it.


Long weekend ahead then :frowning:


You get a better connection in office? Download it to a Externel drive? Then install at home?


Good fuckin’ shout actually!

Can I do that? Been so fucking long since I downloaded anything that massive in terms of games.


Yeah I tried it once at work on their lighning fast Line. Downloaded Crysis 3 in matter of minutes. install and log into origin. Then set download drive to external drive. Then you should be able to copy the files over at home and then open origin at home and download BFV. Should check local files first and may take some time to finalise but surely quicker than a download at home.


Il tell you in a moment. I subsequently deleted Crysis from my rig. But still got it on External drive. Il see if it works again.


He’ll do that… and then they’ll release a 10GB patch the next day…


I have done it recently for my new SSD.

Just changed the download directory and for existing games, copied them over to the new drive


Yeah it works fine. Took a few minutes to copy over 10gb from my slow External drive but all good.


I am up for a ShootyMcShoot sesh tonight. See how my new supercooled rig works out :wink: