Battlefield V


Can you do tomorrow as well??? I am at my wife’s office Xmas party tonight


Sorry Miccles, out having drinkies.



I will hopefully be there!

10% downloaded already.


I shall be here.

Or there.


Downloaded. So I will hopefully be there this evening :slight_smile:


Very important that when attacking an objective that requires destroyed, that someone brings explosives!

If cant go round, go over!


Well, it’s installed now, I just need to update my nVidia drivers.

First, I’m gonna go grab a sauna :slight_smile:


Be careful where you grab it.


I bought the standard edition on cdkeys as it was on sale, you might see me on and off.

Chances are very slim though that we end up in the same game. I will dabble my feet a bit and see if I like it. Might change over Christmas as I will be back home for 2 weeks, but my parents internet barely deserves the name (average 350kB/s downspeed on a 3MB/s rated connection…).

I’m still confused with all the different versions and origin access stuff, seems very customers unfriendly, bit offputting.

Now I’m downloading, will take a while as the servers seem a bit hammered.


Been enjoying it so far.

Squadplay really is essential. Pubbers just run around like headless chickens.

Yet again, I’m hammering the fuck out of Support class because… well… dakka :smiley:

I’ve got my MG-34 pimped out with better cooling, dual drum-mags, lighter rounds and stability. Rate of fire is 770, so I can get a full 75 round drum out in a few salvos. Using a reflex sight makes target acquisition a bit better, but it really is necessary to get it into a good position for it to be useful.

Just played Domination on the snowy mountain level and was keeping access routes locked down. Still sniped by Gewehr 43 shots like nobodys business, but managed a good round and we won. :slight_smile:

I would like to see the game in proper graphics, so I hope to get a solid GPU in the new year some time, unless of course there is some epic sales on 1080Ti’ s or something over the holiday season.


Had a damn good evenings gaming with Scotty, Nasty and Rogue!

Got my MG-34 up to mastery 7 and really getting a feel for it now.

I’ve missed this :blush:


Yeah was really good fun. Some awesome defending and team work. Really enjoyed that Rotterdam map.

I am getting used to the MG42 now as well. Think I am going to keep progressing that for a little while. I set up some customisation, increased ammo, reduced overheat, quicker reload. Getting used to how best to get it deployed as well.


Even with my limited play time, I feel Battlefield is back. You definitely need a squad working together to achieve the objective - comms are essential!


I’ll have a copy of this going soon via my GPU.

Anybody want it for 20 quid?



But judging by the fact that your 970GTX couldn’t get over 35FPS on low settings… I don’t know.


Is there a single player part to it as that is all I don’t have time to play multi-player?


yup, singleplayer has been fun so far but other folks have played more of it than i have.

there’s also a co-op due at some point.


Thx for the info.

I’ll take it off your hands Cal but I’ll wait for a while to see if anyone else wants it that will be able to make the most of how it’s meet to be played


Even though I posted above, I’d rather you have it over me St00kz.