Battlefield V


Seriously jes, I’m not gunna take it over some one that will be able to play with the ziip brotherhood. I’m just annoyed I can’t play with you guys at the moment due to trying to get MKIV into a proper sleeping pattern in her own bed.

TLDR…some one who plays multi-player please take it


Caolan is running some absurd resolution mind. that 970 will struggle on that. What was it @NaloaC, 3560 x 1440p?




Jes is running a 2560x1440, same as you, but I think his AMD should be able for it.


Anyone kicking around for a game?


Alas not. Mucho studying on this week. Might get on Thursday night as assignment needs completed by Thursday Lunch time.


actually scrub that! There is only so much thinking about the importance of service management to an organisation I can do in one day! Il be about soon


Good games last night. Even though we got pummeled, it was good fun. Finding little flanking routes, digging in and just general dakka. I flew a plane!!


And you even killed something with it!


Apart from myself!

I was in a dog fight!


Why have I got this in my head


It escalated quickly!


Thanks to @NaloaC, this is now in my possession. I shall attempt to get on this weekend. :slight_smile:


So, was having fun until tonight.


I’ve never seen such an OP version of aircraft. Also, all the progression around vehicles is straight up upgrades. It is ridiculous. Planes get faster, more armor and more damage when you rank up.

Already a difficult skill barrier is made next to impossible to deal with.

We had two AA guns on ONE Stuka…damn thing didn’t take a bit of damage. And would bomb both AA guns.

Game is great - UNTIL THAT HAPPENS.


What about air to air? Would suggest if both teams have suitably skilled and ranked piloty type dudes, fighters will attack bombers and balance out the battlefield? They do seem overpowered againts AA however, but if coupled with your own pilots?

I have had some really frustrating games where planes have dominated and then on same maps barely been aware of them.


tried it.

Unless you’ve got upgrades the enemy planes can wreck you so quickly. On some maps you lose air support as you are pushed back and the enemy, if skilled. retains theirs.

It’s nuts.


That upcoming update is supposed to sort out the amount of bombs etc.


Anyone fancy a quick blast?


IF it’s still going, I’m in. If not, tis all fine :slight_smile:


I’ll be on this evening for some fortification building fun, or FBF as I call it.


Awesome so will !, hopefully we can get evryone on the same server