Battlefield V


installing… :heavy_check_mark:
Baileys chilling…:heavy_check_mark:

See you online sooooon


I will on around 7:30 ish



moar werdznshit


So. Apparent update/patch due today is delayed. No more details as yet.


I’d rather thye hold off to fix it then release it and break parts of the game.


@Leepants - look above!


Although I cannot see such an offer when looking on BF1 on PS4 or BF4 on PC… So no idea about this.

Edit – The deal also is only 50% off Deluxe Edition. … If this isn’t fake… So for now I’ll remove said post.


Christmas do today, out tomorrow evening. So hafta see how manies pennies I spend…


If its 50% off, several sites had picked this up, might be worth saving a couple of you shots for it :slight_smile:

We need Pnats is Safe crying out in game and over the airwaves!


bugger… downloading patch!


Like the Panzerstorm map. Big old map, nice terrain. Looks like a good ole BF map for me. Enough room for tankers, flyboys and infantry. Will need to be prepared as a squad to deal with armour.

Only played a short round on it as joined midway, so do need to explore more.


Almost done with the 750MB update for today. :slight_smile:


Another update :frowning:

I may be on tonite, more likely tomorrow


I haven’t been on in aaages. Will prolly jump on tonight.


Damn… 15.4 GB download :frowning:

OK that was weird… changed to 758MB


TTK - Time To Kill

So. It seems that everyone is up in arms over TTK that Dice have tweaked. Apparently they have adjusted the modifiers to decrease the amount of damage dealt by weapons. All the run and gunners are up in arms!.

I only played MG42 last night so most of my kills were from prone and at distance so was unaware. It would apparently be more noticeable if you used a smg/assault rifle at closer ranges. Did anyone notice?

I wonder if this was a factor in the apparent ease of attackers winning on the french map last night?. I suppose if defenders are dug in but not able to deal as much damage to attackers it just may allow for the hordes to break through easier.


Does not make any difference to what side you are on.
They are just trying to cater for casual players.
I don’t think it was a big difference. It is just one bullet, the problem I see with this is the lack of bullets to begin with. I’m sure they will keep on adjusting this.


Last night was incredibly frustrating. I noticed that with a carbine, I was getting a lot less kills. Hitting people sometimes 4 times and not killing them.

Defending, we couldn’t stop any of the assaults last night, except for the last sector where our squad retook point A and we held it for a while. I think we held it because we didn’t face a combined assault from the other team in one big force like all the other points were taken, some were attacking B, some came back for A.

So from that, I can agree where Scott is coming from.

I kept an eye on the map, and certain points, we had over 7-10 people in the zone, and still lost them in seconds. The attacking team has an element of having to cross “no man’s land” to get to a capture area - whether it be open fields or the river etc. If the increase in TTK allows them to get to the safety of buildings/bunkers in the capture zone by being injured but not killed, then they have a much greater advantage.

Saying that, could have been a one off rounds with an incredibly organised attacking team and a pathetic defence. One thing it wasn’t was enjoyable for the defending team, i’d had enough after that and felt it better to leave than losing my rag with it.


I had one decent moment last night on the attackers side on Tobruk, where I manned a 20mm AA gun and started hammering your defenders. Went 10-4, then the round moved on and back to my LMG and went 14-28.

I love the MG-34, but peppering people with what really feels like BB’s instead of Mauser rounds is frustrating. Fire off a volley at someone and then have them turn around and nail you with a single shot is a bit silly.

Obviously, it’s not a great weapon to attack with, but I genuinely do feel that an LMG should be able to hose down groups of people.

Had another instance when I was in the tram car on Rotterdam capturing the first A point (a few of you spawned on me and died horribly, I apologise for that). Got to the front of the tram car, lined up 4 people, unleashed hell… killed 1. 50m range. The others just ran away and it was like nothing happened :confused:

In some ways, I do miss the lethality of the modern LMG’s in BF3 and BF4.


I shall be on this evening so will experience the true fuck up that is EA tonight