Battlefield V


12 minutes to utter disappointment! Wednesdays haven’t been this exciting for at least 7 days!


join us on ts and we can all be disappointed together


will do shortly - just finishing a Blame Space animation


sigh I’ll check back in another few years so EA can disappoint me again.


I’m sort of more interested in this now. Need to see more game play but a few new features seem very good.


Am dissapointed on one hand, but I like what they have done.

No premium. No Pay to Win.
Seasons - starting from the begining of WW2 and progressing.
Fortifications - More info, but looks like building your own defenses as support class.
Grand Operations - changing game modes in a mini campign style multiplayer. BF1 Operations was great fun, this could be awesome.
Im pretty much sold.




Left is delux, right is standard.

Standard Origin Price is £54.99, Deluxe £69.99
10% discount on Ea Access


70 quid for a game is a joke but seems to be the going rate (inc dlc/passes/etc)


I kinda forgot this exists, after the utter disapointement of BF1. I will see how the open beta plays, THEN I will choose. After the open beta of BF1 I thought maybe the full game is better, it wasn’t. So this time I will just go with my gut feeling. If I like the open beta I’ll buy it, otherwise fuck it.

That fortification thing sounds like it might cause the same trainwreck as the stupid “special pickup classes” and blimps in BF1, no balance to be found.

I came late to the WW2 shooter party, my entry was BC2, and I loved the Vietnam expansion. I never played ANY of the other WW2 titles so this is actually a pretty fresh enviroment for me.

No premium pass though, sounds like the go down the customisation route for microtransaction.


Yeah I certainly didnt play as much BF1 as any of the others, think I even played more Hardline. But I have enjoyed the Operations mode wtih some of the guys on here. Totally hated the pick up system. I hope and have a feeling that is something that has been dropped.

I kind of really like the idea of playing war stories on different aspects of WW2 that I have certainly never touched on, They mentioned playing as a female Norwegian resistance fighter in one of the first stories. And there is COOP mode as well. There may well be microstransactions for customisation but they did suggest that all can be done by developing your player characters skill and progression.

Fortification system, I think is a good idea. I hated in BC2 and recent BF games how destruction as impressive as it is, totally levelled a map. Being able to refortify destroyed areas, create your own defensive area I think adds a new dimension to the game. I am so far into this idea. I like how it is class limited and gives a bit more to the role of support. (This may be a lie, I have a feeling anyone can build some very basic defensive structures, but only support can do big stuff).

Jackfrags does a more detailed video of some “behind the scenes” knowlegde on more of the gameplay. They have changed the whole medic,resupply system which sounds interesting.

Reviving players can be done by anyone, but it is not instant like the dolphin diving mad medics of old. There is an animation process which will need to complete in order to revive. It is quicker for an actual medic, but any player can revive with a longer time penalty. Only medic does full health revive though. Also the health packs no lomger magically give off health increasing invisible powelrs. Again an actual interaction is required to heal, so more thought needs to go into where and when you chose to revive/heal. Also perhaps more emphasis on covering a medic trying to revive players.

Believe this is the same for supply packs as well. No more insta ammo just by standing near.

So far I am more into this than I thought I would be if it was WW2. But I am in two minds over the player characterisation. I suppose I am used to and expect to see a degree of historical represenation of such a big part of our history. I am not sure where I stand on the way some of the player characterisations are going.




Maybe they do something similar to WoT, a checkbox in the menu where you can toggle if you wanna see non hystorical customisations or not.

For Scotty, I like the fortification BUT if they are not careful it might be a clusterfuck to balance.

jackfrags video is indeed interesting. I kinda like the changes and the new attrition game mode sounds like my cup of tea.


this will never happen. ever.

edit: i should have added; in any game.


If your part of a squad you might. Il cover you @adrock .


Be nice if they went back to 6 man squads also.


following the Rainbow 6 5man squad ruling, i can only assume that Battlefield V will have X man squads.

dibs on Wolverine.



haha! Knew it!.

“We won’t be making a Premium version of the game or DLC…”

Nope, you’ll just charge the price of what premium would have cost in the past as a standard RRP price.