Battlefield V


I got my six buddy revives. And then a seventh. And an eighth. Wish it was more obvious when I got the achievement. Still, it was fun reviving squadmates with my eyes closed waiting to get shot. :laughing:

Did not like the new TTK. Trying for Sten Veteran 3 or 4 and it’s a fucking peashooter now.

Still, enjoyed myself for a while. Good to see so many ZiiPsters on. Even if did get shot by Scotty. Bloody turncoat. What happened to Team Fortification™?



@Scottyboy how we coming on the V1 bud…


I have a plan…

So, having played the Narvik mountain map two times on the trot with a full busy squad, both times a V1 was acquired. 1 was delivered successfully, 1 not so successfully. So I feel that we should play this map repeatedly until such time as a successful launch and delivery of said V1 rocket resulting in 2 kills. However, this should only be attempted at a time when I also need to complete this assignment.


what else do you have to do first? I don’t think Reno and I were on more than an hour…


Are peeps on this evening?


Did the first one. I think I may have done the second one. So maybe on the orders complete stage. Need to check. But yeah, tonight is all about the V1.


As some of you know, we’re moving house on the 23rd (yeah, crazy). We’re moving some stuff in advance - which will include my PC and server tomorrow. I’ll still be online on my MBP, but obviously won’t be in a position for any gaming for some time.


shadowplay, mobile phone. Sorted ! :slight_smile:


why is that a bad thing? i play it casually.


It’s not a bad thing. When I say casual, it is people that will play it once a month. It does take a bit of the fun out for players that play more often.


Some gameplay from the other night.


Game is pretty much dead to me now. New TTK makes it so frustrating. They have implemented “Conquest Core” which it seems is their way of half fixing this fuck-up by having “hardcore servers” (which are just the same but the TTK is back to the launch settings), but you can’t get on them as are full all the time. @Scottyboy and I got on one early on in the evening and it was really good fun. Joined again after food, playing the normal modes and I got fucked off so went to find a core server at around 8pm and the estimate was 3 mins+. I waited for 4 mins, got bored and went and did something more interesting.

Well done Dice. Fucking idiots.

HLL better not fuck it up.


I don’t get it. I mean, release a product… give it at least 6 months to ‘bed in’ before making any major changes, surely? There are SO many variables in any modern FPS that you need to make the tiniest of changes to see their overall effect.


the issue with splitting a player base between two settings and then again into the different playlists only servers to increase wait times for finding a match.

For me TTK isn’t to much of a big deal as im always in support so never really solo shooting a targetand mostly with others.

Team work makes the game work.


@adrock where were you?

have to say was awesome round with @Xander @BlackRaven and @RoGuE Very enjoyable. We earned two V1 rockets in one round! Must have had about 90000 squad points overall.


Yeah except you were the only one to ged the headgear… Then again cosmetic so I don’t care. Would have been pissed off if it was a usable weapon. Great games.


It’s not so much the lone wolf aspect as I generally play medic. I find the fact I can’t even defend myself anymore when confined to a set of SMGs which require SOOOO many hits to do anything. I would like to have some aspect of FPS.


I think part of the issue is they haven’t got the product ‘finished’ yet, so it’ll be prone to potentially severe changes until they’re actually done, then they’ll let it bed in while the interns crack out whatever DLC content and they move on to Battlefront 3 so it can be released to support next christmases star wars film and get people to re-subscribe to origin premier access. that’s why this one had to come out 13 months before next Christmas and was rushed. Or at least, that’s my theory that fits all the parts I’m aware of.

you’re a medic, defending you isn’t your job :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed any changes since the patch apart from the uniform sticking up thing which you don’t notice once you start running around. Irritating that it might be fixed with a uniform i haven’t unlocked yet, but it’s not really affecting my enjoyment of the game.


I don’t mind changes if they were asked for.

Yeah, but I am shit one, so everyone dies and then I need to defend myself :wink: