Battlefield V


If they exist at all, it’s enough for me :grin:


Anyone playing this evening with me and Cloven?


Just received this as a Christmas treat. I’ll give it a wee poke and see what I make of it in single player - I haven’t played a Battlefield since 2142 - and then perhaps pop on some time for a game. Till then!


Fekitty Fek!

So Xmas Day/ Bit “very”. Pished. Manage to score a bit of game time!! Woohoo I thinks. BFV daily Assignments. All good.

  1. Kill some dudes with smg’s… Done
  2. Revive some team mates… Done
  3. Damage enemies for 200 in a plane…!!! wtf

I had 3 hrs 53 Mins to do all of the above,

I did not look at no.3 until about 52 to go.

This assignment for one should simply be called, “get a fucking plane” and if you get one. You get the points.

A few rounds went by of trying maps that may allow me to fly and just playing and seeing what the spawns would give me! I eventually got a game on Fjell, (Norvik,Mountains). After the evenigs dabbles in planes, I had like 100 points to go! I ducked and dived with the best of them!! crashed a few times, got the respawns. Everything conspired against me on this assigment! I even had some pop-up on my computer asking for an update! the time I got back in? just in time to see me plane smash into the ground!!

Anway, after all that. I get back to main menu, New set of assignments. No fucking idea of a way to check If I did it!! grrrrrr

Mrry xmas xx


Forthcoming Patch Notes for Chapter 2 Lightning strikes.

New Game Mode
Squad Conquest

Smaller maps (8V8) on Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam. Limited access to vehicles.

New Weapons
ZK-383 SMG
Modele 1944 SA (Semi Auto??)
M1922 MMG

Full patch list here.


Liking the idea of the smaller maps.


There’s also a fuckin’ STUG!


Yeah. I have been enjoying playing domination and frontlines small. Had some cracking games on frontlines small. Not sure if squad conquest would be too small though. i read it as 8 v 8 which not sure about.


Have to say. I am thoroughly enjoying this game. I dare say as much as BF2. Yeah. Have had some cracking squad games, have had some shocking squad games. There are issues. But I can overlook them. They will probably get fixed, there will probably be new issues. . I realised this evening I have the same enthusiasm to play this game as I did some 20 years ago playing Medal Of Honor Breakthrough MP. !WOW!

Its not Conquest which is doing it for me, I have barely played it. Grand Operations I like, its challenging and satisfying to win defending or attacking. I love Frontlines Small. A balanced game which goes back and forth betwen couple of points, is great fun. map sizes is spot on with 16 v 16, and not overloaded with vehicles or aircraft. The current Squad Conquest (Domination with tank in disguise) have had some blindingly good games and at 8 V 8 well, is this Battlefield? (had some shockers as well mind, balanced game is great).

Moments like this make me smile though and just remind me yeah, its battlefield. :slight_smile:


Agreed the squad conquest games last night were really fun to play, moreso when we got Best Squad twice in a row, I even think Madman had a little sex wee after the first one due to his reaction.


I came bottom but still part of the Best Squad lol Go figure ! …twice !!!


I will get back into this soon… Been training in Didcot for the early shift (6am start) :eek:

Way too knackered this weekend but next week I will be on!


20GB download… what has come out?


Squad Conquest - 8v8… not really loving it as it needs a ZiiP squad but I only have two days to get the medic gun… the Sten is just not


i should be on this evening for a bit if you’re around.squad conquest’s not my favourite but playing as a medic the unlocks went by quite quickly (skip grinding out the 15,000 points by reviving squadmates).


I’m a bit late to the party but I’ll hopefully be on late next week :smile:


Its ok squad conquest is now done and dusted! thank god! Might be on later, depends how tired I will be


Scotty & myself quite enjoyed squad conquest, in fact we’ve been playing more smaller maps (16v16) of late. Not a chaotic & more chances of get x amount of kills etc in 1 life than on the 32v32 maps. BTW the Sten is actually the best medic sub-machine gun in game, yeah it’s got the slowest fire rate BUT control & accuracy is the best of any of them


Yeah I quite enjoy Squad conquest. But it is really just domination with tanks. But it is no fun when you just get owned by more coordinated team. Will not miss it to be fair and dont mind playing it to help others get any assignments.

Do really enjoy frontlines though. Like mixing it up between frontlines and Grand Operations, conquest fell a bit by the way side. Which is a shame, I do really like the Panzerstorm map. Hope they will open that up to other game modes soon.


subjective surely? If not, it’s objectively worse than the thompson :stuck_out_tongue: