Battlefield V


If they exist at all, it’s enough for me :grin:


Anyone playing this evening with me and Cloven?


Just received this as a Christmas treat. I’ll give it a wee poke and see what I make of it in single player - I haven’t played a Battlefield since 2142 - and then perhaps pop on some time for a game. Till then!


Fekitty Fek!

So Xmas Day/ Bit “very”. Pished. Manage to score a bit of game time!! Woohoo I thinks. BFV daily Assignments. All good.

  1. Kill some dudes with smg’s… Done
  2. Revive some team mates… Done
  3. Damage enemies for 200 in a plane…!!! wtf

I had 3 hrs 53 Mins to do all of the above,

I did not look at no.3 until about 52 to go.

This assignment for one should simply be called, “get a fucking plane” and if you get one. You get the points.

A few rounds went by of trying maps that may allow me to fly and just playing and seeing what the spawns would give me! I eventually got a game on Fjell, (Norvik,Mountains). After the evenigs dabbles in planes, I had like 100 points to go! I ducked and dived with the best of them!! crashed a few times, got the respawns. Everything conspired against me on this assigment! I even had some pop-up on my computer asking for an update! the time I got back in? just in time to see me plane smash into the ground!!

Anway, after all that. I get back to main menu, New set of assignments. No fucking idea of a way to check If I did it!! grrrrrr

Mrry xmas xx


Forthcoming Patch Notes for Chapter 2 Lightning strikes.

New Game Mode
Squad Conquest

Smaller maps (8V8) on Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam. Limited access to vehicles.

New Weapons
ZK-383 SMG
Modele 1944 SA (Semi Auto??)
M1922 MMG

Full patch list here.


Liking the idea of the smaller maps.


There’s also a fuckin’ STUG!


Yeah. I have been enjoying playing domination and frontlines small. Had some cracking games on frontlines small. Not sure if squad conquest would be too small though. i read it as 8 v 8 which not sure about.


Have to say. I am thoroughly enjoying this game. I dare say as much as BF2. Yeah. Have had some cracking squad games, have had some shocking squad games. There are issues. But I can overlook them. They will probably get fixed, there will probably be new issues. . I realised this evening I have the same enthusiasm to play this game as I did some 20 years ago playing Medal Of Honor Breakthrough MP. !WOW!

Its not Conquest which is doing it for me, I have barely played it. Grand Operations I like, its challenging and satisfying to win defending or attacking. I love Frontlines Small. A balanced game which goes back and forth betwen couple of points, is great fun. map sizes is spot on with 16 v 16, and not overloaded with vehicles or aircraft. The current Squad Conquest (Domination with tank in disguise) have had some blindingly good games and at 8 V 8 well, is this Battlefield? (had some shockers as well mind, balanced game is great).

Moments like this make me smile though and just remind me yeah, its battlefield. :slight_smile: