Battlefield V


bf5 has no dlc, all maps modes and features are free to all players. so we play vanilla :smiley:

that was indeed a fine round of battlefield!

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Seems I completely missed the dedicated server debate!

Having been the one who organised and ran the BF2 dedicated server - to the point where I barely played the game on occassions, but instead sat in bushes, monitoring chat/problems/complaints from all users and rectifying them as soon as I could, as well as manually monitoring for hackers and making space for members… my thoughts of dedicated server is, well, mixed.

That BF2 server essentially made this community. Sure, there were core members before - but that was our hayday. But things change - both from a gaming market point of view, and from a personal commitment too. At first, when EA started to implement “official servers” and freedoms started to get removed from communities, I’d get irate. They were pissing on my parade. But in reality, the work required to run and maintain a GOOD dedicated server for a game is huge. It requires constant monitoring day-in-day-out. Unless you have no other interests, it’s near impossible to do. I certainly don’t have the inclination any more.

The only groups that I see that maintain that level of commitment are certain communities in the ARMA universe - but even some of them can be a bit sketchy in their admin responses. * – looks at @Scottyboy and his naughty behaviour lol*

I feel that Battlefield from 3 onward, possibly more 4, lost its teamplay aspect. In BF2, we had over 100 regular members at one point. We’d regularly fill our server and our teamspeak. There wasn’t carnage, and there wasn’t competitive bad blood. However, I do feel there was more of that in BF3/4 like @adrock alludes to. Something changed in the later Battlefields, and I don’t really know what it was.


I do also agree with @adrock’s point about enjoying smaller squad groups so that comms are limited. Our times of playing Rainbow 6 were some of my happiest recent gaming times - simply because it was great teamwork. Also always being on the same side was nicer. I really don’t like fighting against other ZiiPsters.

So, all in all. Games have changed. We’ve all changed. Some things are for the better, some for the worst. I think I’ve probably given up caring as much too.



@jester never has a grown man felt so like a child as that point on arma having to grovel to be let on the server to play games with my buddies. ! Lol



Just ask Cal about that one lol :yum::kissing_heart::rofl:

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Update In Coming. Tomorrow I believe

Combined Arms.four player coop over 8 PVE missions/4 maps

Netcode and time to death improvements

full details attached. Rush mode inbound early march. For limited time!



Confirmed today 21GB



Preparing! wonder how big the actual download will be…

To the co-op-mobile!



7.5GB download

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Ah sheet.

Forgot to set my dl off. Just done it. May be tomorrow before I can coop.




Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

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Il defo be up for that this evening. Probably just let BFV DL over night.



I definitely have another go soon! So many games to play!

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Might be up for a game or two this evening if anyone is about?



I will probably be on for a blast. Half 7 ish



Sorry fell asleep, week of 5:30 starts caught up with me… should be on tonight around 5:30-6



Nwew Grand Operations map is available… if you like tanks then you are quids in

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Update in bound Due tomorrow (5th March, 9am apparently) 784MB Size




I thought I was going to struggle with my 3 melee kills assignment! These guys made it easy.



I can never get melee to work - super fooked it since BF1



Downloading Patch - should be about Friday (daytime) and evening for a wee blast or three :slight_smile: