Battlefield V


Anyone about for a game of this this evening?

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Should be.

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30seconds. Helichopper


seems like a lot of positivity around the trailer for Firestorm. I enjoyed the trailer, it was fun. Have to say I am looking forward to Firestorm. 25th March release I am led to believe.


I likethe look of this, still have BF5 installed so why not try it out :smiley:. If Division or DMC5 don’t keep me too busy!


Apparently 10x size of Hamada map.

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gameplay looks real good fun Cant wait.


I’ve the game installed and will definitely playing this


Is this multi-platform, as one of my housemates plays on xbox1 and likes to derp in a team so is looking for a reliable bunch to play with?


Don’t think so pants

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Get bfv free with the new pc. Might get it for this mode. Though will try it 1st before deciding between it and metro exodus


Got the first BFV Firestorm win with @Scottyboy! Video to follow in the coming days.


THe final moments. I had just sniped a dude of the tractor. Then he died when Blackraven got the last dude.

V for Victory. Was quite a subdued finish. Didnt realise at first.


Here is the gameplay. I did cut some of it off for ease of watching.


BTW there is a new version of the Geforce experience that fixes the low quality recording on BFV and then there is a new game ready driver for Firestorm as well. Downloading at the moment.


Well done lads, that was fun to watch


Wee clip of tonights play with @Ronin @BlackRaven and @MadMan We were pretty screwed trying to get off the dam with a strike inbound on us and guys shooting at us. We did well to survive V1! lucky. And then turn it on em! Enjoyable fire fight.


had a wee blast at firestorm with @Scottyboy and @RoGuE last night.

1st round, scotty gave me a thompson, which when i tried to use it had no bullets.

2nd round got rinsed trapped between two groups of people.

3rd round, got tank, drove about a bit, and got my first kill with a roadkill to win the match. Go Team Tank!


I will try and get back into this but PC time is limited at the moment

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