Battlefield V


More I think about it, the more i’m looking forward to it. New PC might be needed though.


I am optimistic… lets hope they don’t fuck it up!


have to admit, I was not bothered at first… but after seeing this… kinda curious… still wish it was a different era… but next time eh?

well guess we shall wait and see how she pans out???


I watched a thing - seemed like an ad, rather than gameplay. No, ta. Twitchy and VERY “anime” “play”. Fekin Churchill tanks getting air from going through a building. Yeh, good luck at 487563287465720 tons and 15mph…


Doesn’t take the internet long! People already “annoyed” at the female character. A lot saying there was no females on the front line (Factually correct, well for the British/US/Germans(?)) and complaining.

HOWEVER, there where female resistant fighters in France, without a story line and 5 mins of a trailer, there is no way of telling what/who she is.

I hate people at times.


It’s a game, ergo, fantasy. Hell, how many games can you choose a character skin? Ridiculous.



I loved her, I have a soft spot for redheads …



I may or may not have had a visitor last weekend, who may or may not have red hair… And fabulous tits.


Watching the trailer back a second time… I’m mixed. Looks like a lot of carnage.

However, from what I hear about the actual game - it sounds awesome. Taking FPS in a new direction.

In term of historical accuracy… None of it is historical or physically accurate - so you may as well have artist license to have female characters with amputated arms (although EA are at risk of trying too hard at character diversity… but, its a game, so who really cares) in it, fighting on the frontline. I don’t care.

If people want a historically accurate war game, it’d be less about elite solders jumping through first-floor windows and running and gunning through a hail of bullets… and more about thousands of young conscripts physically shitting themselves, crying out for their mothers as they lay dying in their own pools of blood.

But I guess that wouldn’t sell games, would it?

So people probably need to get off their high horse about historical accuracy of female fighters et al and just either enjoy playing it. or don’t…


aye, same as all the arguments about WW1 realism in BF1; video games by their nature rely on contrivance so you can’t have a ‘realistic’ game, only something that sits somewhere on the scale of reality <—> fantasy. Beyond that it’s always going to be down to personal taste.


Soz - IT’S A GAME! Not an historical commentary!

Games = fun. And I appreciate my fun isn’t everyones.
Game = play. Needs to be playable! And that’s it.


Did you spot, or should I say hear, the music on the little tracked/bike thinkg they went on when jumping out the house? Wonder if that is a thing for in vehicles.


Liking the look of that. Very interesting features. I am sure I will dip my toe and then go AWOL again for ages. :wink:


this looks like a video game that would be played on a modern computer or home entertainment system and i would like to partake in said game for enjoyment and shenanigans.






The fact that you not mentioned the gender of that person deeply troubles me :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m not falling for your traps.

After watching the whole JackFrags video I have to say it sounds like it might be awesome. Everything I had problems with in BF1 seems to be changed, no stupid behemoths, no blimps not dumb special op units, back to skillfull gun play with weapon specific recoil and so on. The feature list was literraly like someone saw a checklist I would have made for a new BF title.

Beside Spidertanks or Tachikomas, but I have to be reasonable.


Here’s a Reddit post to a lot of information found from multiple sources… Some very very interesting information.


from watching/listening to my favourite youtubers, most hate the trailer and think EA missed a step as it portrays the game as “another skin” rather than going the other way and pointing out what makes this game different.

I like the ragdoll mechanics and that everyone will experience your death. Like a grenade kill, your corpse flies through the air and lands in a bush, the medic now will have to search that bush to revive you, rather than in the games of today, they pick you up where the nade fell as their game did not report your movement and flight.

I am looking forward to the staged destruction of buildings rather than the complete destruction we have now.

I am also looking forward to being able to build cover, machine gun nests etc.

But I think the best news was that all the auto regen sh*t is being thrown away and you now have to interqact with everything like grabbing ammo from a box, grabbing a bandage from the med box and administering a syringe to boost health and that every one can res you but only to limited health unless your medic.

The classes look like they are going to be crucial to squad. The true “@Leepants is SAFE” will be crucial to respawns as when the squad is wiped is really affects the game. No more run, gun, die, respawn at 100% - tactics and thinking will be part of the game!


I think the only thing that winds me up for about 5 seconds (before realising there are more pressing things to be wound up about), is feminists jumping on Twitter saying “haha - how to trigger male gamers… take their favourite IP and put a women on the front cover” – and then go on about all the women who did stuff in WW2, like they’ve been kept under wraps by some massive male conspiracy not to recognise them or something.

At a rough estimate, I’d hazard a guess that 99.9% of male gamers probably:

a) Don’t actually care that the protagonist is a women, and
b) Have an appreciation of all the people that fought in different ways in WW2.

Right. Back to more important things…