Battlefield V


I suspect a number of the 99% would actually change their character to be a woman…


Where did you read that? I read it was still in but you couldn’t regen to full health


When I says regen, I meant the 100% packed to the gills and ready to fight mechanic is being thrown away.

Here’s a source I have found:


So your talking about health packages and revives and not health regen as in getting health back over time(soft-core style)

From my understanding, medics and revives will be more like arma as in there will be an interaction and not just standing beside the pack to heal yourself. Big change for a lot of BF players, think any of us arma players, it will not be as big an issue as we are used to it.

Seems to be BF has taken a few things from arma, and added to to the game, that can only be good.


I think the softcore thing where you regen to 100% while taking cover is also being scrapped so you will only get to a level and then you will need to boost (animation) again to get to the next level and so on until you get to 100%.


Talks about switching from SOftcore to a more Hardcore model


either way i will guess the majority of us will buy the game and play it and were there are ZiiP squads together there will be fun no matter what changes there are the the BF formula


I predict:

Team’s will still get stacked and end up horrendously one sided making the opposition teams game nothing but meatgrinder.
There will frequently be games dominated by endless boring sniper fire and not pushing objectives.
There will frequently be games dominated by some singular ‘guy in a tank’.
There will be assholes who just run and gun, complete with whatever degree of endless jumping, sliding and diving the game permits.
Squadplay will break down over individuals desire to get kills.
The same sorts of players that currently piss me off (the rushing with jumping/sliding/diving however the game allows, or always sitting back to get kills and not pushing objectives) will still be there, doing that.
All the stuff about balancing weapons and their recoil so you need to ‘learn’ them will be undone by the publishing on github of scripts to run in your favourite mouse software to remove all recoil from the weapons you choose to use.
Lag and lag switches will still be a thing.
We will end up playing against each other, with all fo the shitty negative behaviour and emotion that brings to the table.

I’m tentatively optimistic about the changes they’re making, but I don’t see anything that’ll prevent all of the same old frustrations with battlefield. The last one is a big one for me; we don’t have it in BF1 because we rarely have more than 1 squad of people.


This is why I dont like BF as much as Arma. In Arma we play together and I much prefer that not to playing against each other. No enjoyment in that for me.


I’ll do like I did with BF4/BF1 - watch from the side lines, wait to see what the pull is from watching/listening to you lot play and then pick it up if the hype lasts past the first month or wait until it is discounted or EA Accessed before I tinker if you all burn out before the end of the honeymoon period as has kinda happened with the last few.

Some stuff sounds interesting, but I’m just not feeling the big budget WW2 stuff. Hell Let Loose interests me because its not EA/Dice/Activision/Infinity/Tryarch/etc and strips back all the unlock and attachment stuff.

I feel like there is plenty to be negative about but I’ll go elsewhere for that discussion, seems a few of you are fatigued with to-be-expected AAA negativity so I’ll forgo my shouty/ranty normal response.


I haven’t watched the video yet, just read various notes. The flashy AAA production, cinematics and marketing can all do one; I didn’t pay attention to them in BF1, just got one with playing battlefield which for me has always been multiplayer only, and I’ll do the same in this. at some point i’ll give the singleplayer a try, to kill time, and as has happened with every one of them since they started adding singleplayer campaigns, i’ll be underwhelmed and bored within minutes and play something else until there are people to play something multiplayer with.

The whole interacting with ammo boxes and medkits and whatnot screams ‘multiplayer quick time events’, but i’ll wait until i get to try it before condemning it.


It was a nice confirmation from the head guy at dice that you can start an animation to save one, you come under fire and pull out the animation and leave your buddy to die while you seek cover. No animation will be locked.


Don’t know how correct this is but “specs” in link


CD Keys has Battlefield V Download for £34.99 at the moment.

That’s pretty damn cheap considering what the Origin RRP is. That price may go up nearer the time - from experience, companies like this want guaranteed numbers so they can estimate how much stock to buy in… thereby running a low price.


The specs are on origin store page. Havent compared.


No deluxe version. That wasnt on Amazon either.


Thats the specs from the Origin page. I would assume that is Min specs

System Requirements
OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350
Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 2GB
Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce® GTX 660 2GB
DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
Hard-drive space: 50GB


Just finished the BF1 campaign and was very pleasantly surprised. Much better than the BF3/4 campaigns, not Titanfall 2 good, but just the right length, lots of effort put in to the mission pacing (barring the bloody cutscenes) and action, still no fan of cutscenes that halt the gameplay or the unskipable intro/outtro cutscenes - I literally did not need to know the story behind any of the missions to know what I was doing or to enjoy it. Very nice variety of gameplay with the vehicle missions being surprisingly good, especially with the transitions from tutorial to full game and the little twists that break it up.

On the strength of the SP I might actually pick BFV up if only to see if lightning strikes twice. Going to have a blast on the BF1 MP tomorrow if anyone is about, see how it has progressed from the Beta.

See, I can say nice things sometimes.


i might just on after dinner but can’t be on long have work tommrow


Stayed up until 5am catching up on The Expanse, woke up at 3pm, worked until 5pm then played some SP so wasn’t on the MP until gone 11pm.

Having only tried the Operations mode I can say that it is a hell of a lot more fun than plane old Conquest in the Beta. First round sucked a fat one and I was continually frustrated with the amount of fucking snipers but got over that quickly when it became obvious sniper stacked teams shat the bed on PTFO and quickly lost games.

But, playing Medic with a semi-auto rifle and jumping in a tank When I could (I defend this by saying vehicles are more fragile and less killy because of the angles of the gun and the speed - I didn’t feel like I was getting bummed by vehicles like I do in BF3/4 or like I did in the Beta) got me through 11 ranks in 4 games with a good deal of fun.

It also lets you switch off the chat and focus on the game - happiness mode engaged.

Think I’m going to be playing a fair bit of this in the near future!

That isn’t to say I’m converted - the several levels of loading and general loading times can suck a dick, the menu and soldier customisation can suck a dick, the unlocks system can suck a dick, the micro transactions can suck a dick and the kill cam it forces you to press and hold space to remove can suck a dick, amongst the many other small things that can lollipop a schlong.