Battlefield V


Did you buy Battlefield 1: Gloryhole Edition? That might be the problem.


The beer had kicked in by this point…still, those things are annoying.

Also, isn’t giving EA money like being the receiver at a glory hole anyway?! :slight_smile:


Real medics use the Sweeper :wink: (I have used 2 guns in BF1, the sweeper, and the lewis suppressive when i need to drop gun food and mortar shells instead of bandages and morphine; all other guns are blasphemy). Oh and at some point they added a 2nd fully automatic gun, but it’s no sweeper so fuck that noise.

There is a small part of me willing to accept that I enjoy this game because the gun i use in it feels REALLY similar to the MP40 from W:ET which i adored.

giz a shout on whatever thing when you’re playing and i’ll likely join you.


Having a blast now!


not sure what micro transactions or on about mate, i have all the guys that are not behind the in game challenges and the stuff you get in battle crate things are all cosmetic or melee weapons that have different animations.

the press hold space on death is to keep you about if a medic is coming to revive you i believe


ignore the comments as they are all dick weeds i like the sound of the new mode. As with any new game/mode i will wait untill i see game play to say if something is good or bad


Didnt medal of honour airborne do something like this? The more I read and hear about this game the more I feel it is the MOHAA game I always dreamed off. Now we just need a “rescue the prisonahhs” mode and it be sorted.

  • Hero bundles
  • Shortcut kits
  • Battlepacks

All paid for in-game items. Cosmetic or not they are microtransactions that don’t need to be paid-for items - EA are already putting out multiple editions and the premium pass/DLC, hoovering the cash in even before the money they make from the above.

the press hold space on death is to keep you about if a medic is coming to revive you i believe

Derp, that makes sense now. I suppose its a press-and-hold action to stop accidental presses. Hadn’t noticed because of how rubbish almost every medic is!
That airborne mode sounds like it could be interesting.


im sorry but the whole micro transaction stigma is stupid to me don’t like it fine don’t spend anything doesn’t affect your game play at all. also shock horror a business is trying to make money!!! how dare they …


But that’s the thing reno, when it’s to buy new/better guns it does. It becomes pay to win. That I, like loads of others can’t have. If it’s for skins, as much as I hate them, that doesn’t bother me. If you want a bright pink gun in a ww2 setting work away but for me that’s just wrong.

I don’t see the enjoyment of buying something because you can’t be arsed playing a game to u lock it. That’s just lazy and gives others an unfair advantage by having better guns at lower levels/early in game.


they aren’t better guns most of them are side grades. alot of guns arn’t lvl locked they cost war bonds that with a good game or a successful completion of a campaign going with what ever the two operations of the day are you get what you need.

if the fact that people having better guns before others is an issue how about any one joing the game late? i started playing BF1 a yearish after it came out didn’t really notice anything different to if i had game day 1 it all seems silly and arbitrary to me. Each to there own but if i can see a counter point to something i will say my mind.

after playing on and off over the last 6 months or so i have all of the guns i can that are not behind a challange or a individual class rank ( only 2 left of them anyways) it’s a non issue in my eyes.


Highlighting this now before it goes any further. You have the opinion it isn’t a problem, I disagree.

Think that is about as much as needs to be said really.


Nothing wrong with that. I’m the same. I think we are all old enough to have a discussion about it.

I’m not talking about bf1 reno, never played it. I’m talking about games in general. Paying for any form of in game content that isn’t cosmetic for me is pay to win and something I don’t agree with.


So not really focused on this much lately. Kinda wishing they’d embrace an alt history kinda thing and go all out than still stick firmly in WW2. think that would have been a stronger fit and allowed some more outlandish stuff players do in the series.

From the looks though, I reckon itll be solid. BF1 was a solid shooter, which I know is not a popular opinion around here but it was damn fun, good map design for the most part and the engine and mechanics did fit the theme rather well.

I’ve never disliked any of the recent battlefields They’ve worked (OK after a decent amount of patching), been solid shooters to dip into and mess about with mates in.


Thoughts on this with what they have said about changing the mechanics? From my understanding they seem to be going more along the lines of arma than battlefield.


From what I have read, they’re trying to increase the time it takes to complete certain actions i.e. healing, reviving and spotting, while reducing individual soldier’s ammo.

The fortification idea looks cool, preventing base camping and arty just absolutely wrecking you.

Honestly the features coming in look good. A tug of war variant of operations is what was needed in Bf1, glad it’s going to attack and defense.

The way bf1 was structured made fights feel like a slog - which fit thematically. Weapons never felt 100% amazing, and being revived was like waking up in the middle of carnage trying to find your way.

Having said that, it did make maps constantly chaotic. Slowing that down sounds like a good fit. I’ll wait and see but it’s promising.


all yes to this


Just read that. Some interesting stuff going on there.

Squad revives are interesting. Proper medicing is way more efficient but if the medic’s dead you can get them limping.

Also like the fact squad points are a temp resource to be spent by the leader on certain abilities. May not be commander like as in BF2 but at least it brings back that option to an extent.



Not much else here other than “no loot boxes” of any kind and the unfortunate inclusion of battle royale mode.