Battlefield V


What I heard a lot of in that was “our version/vision of ww2” their way of covering everything not 100% correct.


Yeah I’m out. If that ends up being popular they’ll focus on that in place of other content, at least give that rubbish priority over the other modes.




Looks a bit softcore. Hopefully it’s not allow that.


If it works like BF1 HC will most likely be relegated to custom servers as have two of every playlist and game mode on the matchmaking like in BF4 split the player base in half .

I for one will no be on HC servers and will stick to the Normal servers and playlists as thats what i liked in BF1 and it felt great in firefights there.

With all the new Squad mechanics and focus on squads it’s going to feel more enjoyable to play is groups then ever from what i’ve seen.

Don’t care for royal modes/games in general so gonna pass on that but that being said the BF twist on it might chnage my mind way to early to pass any real judgement on a game


With you 100% there Reno :slight_smile:


IMHO … Looks fucking great and cannot wait… But I shall be getting for the Puss4Pro.


Jack Frags video on it. At least the PR streamers are stating “Sponsored by EA” at the start.

Does look impressive though!

Panzer IV F2, Stürmtiger, Tiger H1 are the tanks that I can identify for the germans so far and that makes me happy :smiley:


Did they not say it would be more like the hard-core servers as normal on this in the 1st launch video with no health regeneration etc?

Personally I’d prefer that and removing the cursor . Like any game launch I’m waiting for proper gameplay videos.

Not fussed on the royale mode either though it could be interesting with tanks and planes! Would make getting to the zone easier


Looks good. Still have same apperaance as BF1 in terms of HUD, ICONS indicators etc. But l really hope the mechanical tweaks will have really imrpoved game play.

As for Softcore/Hrdcore @Hammy, I think that you will find this more to your taste. The amount of bullets required didnt seem to crazy, players were getting dropped with some short bursts. And as You have just said while I was typing, health regen gone, so thats a HC plus. I also like that your squad can revive you and only your squad. Not sure if a medic still can heal all on Battelfied.

Loving no 3D Spotting. Although I was guilty as Q spamming charged. Really loving that you now call out an area where a threat is, still leaving a bit to a player to find and eliminate the threat.

Was checking ammo counts out. Sniper had a count of 13 rounds. 4 in his gun and 9 reserve. Other classes, looked like MP40 had just two mags worth. Will need to look at the resupply aspect again, as kinda missed it.

Really loving the destruction and fortification, reminds me of Project reality a bit so big thumbs up from me.

grand operations sounds awesome. Mixing up the game modes as you progress. Parachutting in. V Impressed.

As for Royale mode. I have enjoyed PUBG. Biggest bug bear the cheating and just general crappyness of the weapons. I have confidence BF V can make it a throughly enjoyable experience. I also feel it could fit the WW2 environment quite well.


Totally agree mate. No one mode is right or wrong. It’s personal preference. I just find hard-core better but I do like some of the softcore features but I rather know shooting someone with a high calibre weapon is going to kill or bad injure someone not for them to run around the corner and then come back a few seconds later with loads of health to spray and pray and kill me.

Maps and hud could be interesting depending in how they do it.


HP regens to a point i.e in small sections but not to full unless you fit a resupplier station or a medic heals you


Though in bf3/4 it went back to near full. I know I doesn’t go as quick as I said, I’ve just never liked it doesn’t mean other dont have to like it either.

I just like to know when I shot someone it hurts and it’s going to stay hurting until a medic helps you. With bfv going more like arma (from my understanding) with you having to interact with med packs/ammo in my eyes is only a great thing. No more spamming med packs and ammo packs (No one more guilty of that than me) and now having to think when to heal/rearm. Wonder if they have drag injured player mechanic


I do remember reading this somewhere, also pretty sure it was in one of the videos from last night.


it was mentions during the reveal and in the links posted above in this thread


Going to completely change how BF plays. Will be interesting to see how battlefield players take to it.


May bring the BF players back Hammy :wink:


One for the historical accuracy buffs?

Sten gun with reflex site? Yey or Ney?


Ney, very much ney for me.