Battlefield V


You can see a player being dragged, 59 seconds in on MP trailer. /nerd


I stand corrected. Reflex sights where very much in ww2


Sure they were. Probably in limited use. Havent looked into it. Doesnt bother me too much though.

Have to say,either way I am really looking forward to this now from what I have seen and heard.


I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to HEARING what the Stuka’s and the MG-42 sound like.

The whine of the JU-87’s as they dive and the roar of an MG-42 are just 2 of the most iconic WW2 sounds in my opinion.


Some cliched commentary, but interesting notes on squadplay!



Seems that spotting is a thing though. RECON class can spot players who then get highlighted and tracked. Any other player can spot while shooting at a player. That track stays up as long as they are visual, but will be lost behind cover.


Vehicle gameplay breakdown.


Yay for vehicle ammo need resupplies! Hope they dont have 3rd person in vehicles though, and AT and AA actually do some damage and you dont need 4000 to take out a tank.


3rd person is confirmed and in the gameplay vid but i believe this is always the case with promotion footage as it’s most likely Normal mode and that Hardcore servers with have the relevant settings is my guess


Well it looks beautiful…


This all over. I know its not a realistic take on the WWII but you have to make some bits true from the time and the sounds should be one of them


Boy from EA was just interviewednon YT E3 show. Confirmed that BF royale will not be available at launch. And would not confirm when it would be.


from twitter

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Airlift items – delivered to #Battlefield V Deluxe Edition players and through partner offers – will be for customization only, letting you outfit your Company with cosmetics. They’ll be the same for all recipients, and won’t provide any performance or gameplay advantages.


Anyone pre-ordered the game yet?



I pre-ordered on Game to get access to the BETA. But will be cancelling from there as will not pay their prices.


Interesting video. Some more detailed comments on particular features. (After finding the whale)

Spotting Flares! I agree with his viewpoint in the video. With the Nerf to 3d spotting which are welcomed, they are kind of undone by the spotting flare system.
So it seems some players have spotting flares support in particulr, who can keep rearming and basically keep a “uav” style spotting on the mini map. Planes also have spotting flares (you will see them in airplay clips, the yare the red smoke trail falres). So basically yeah, you will have contsant visibility of the map of where the players are.


I haven’t watched all of that yet… but the map at 2:50 looks very familiar… like deja vu like its been used before, albeit, not in arctic clothes.

As for flares… yeah. I imagine that’ll be altered before launch - I hope. I think it is good to have some way of indicating the broad location of enemy. On large maps on BF4 in HC mode, it is sometimes hard to judge which area of the battlefield to move toward - only relying on flashing objectives points (in conquest) - which by the time you get there could have already been taken and everyone moved out. That chasing-your-tail feeling is one of the most annoying things on the larger BF4 maps.

So, if flares gave you a hint of “lots of enemies over here!” - then awesome. But live updates on the mini map. Nahhhhhh.


Does BF1 use flares for this same reason?


worth pointing out that they normally promote and advertise the game with standard settings so a HC server would mostly have limited functions like previous titles.

I like 3d spotting for two reasons

  1. im not a trained solider but my character is so i see it as my character knows whats what with the information given to him/her and it’s represented on screen for me.

  2. i hate having to look at the mini map unless its for navigation as taking my eyes away from what i need to shoot or whats shooting me is counter intuitive for me.