Battlefield V


I like the idea of situational spotting, but you lose it when the target goes behind cover. It sounds like a nice mechanic on paper.


Yep - I’m the same. I agree with Reno and Naloac that I like to know where the majority of enemy roughly are - after all, it is a game and not a test on awareness. However - I remember the beta of BF3 on Metro with 3D spotting. Was a case of just look at a bush in the distance, keep pressing Q until a little red marker appeared. Aim just below the marker… Headshot.

That’s not so good.

In BF3/BF4 in Hardcore mode where ALL spotting is removed - I think it is a step too far. There are features that become redundant (scout drones etc). You can’t call out individual precision targets.

Middle ground would be good


Nah. They tell you exactly where they are in your vicinity. I dont like this at all, as you basically just play the minimap. Of course that goes two ways, so basically everyone knows where everyone is in that area.

They have introduced in my view, a great feature in that you can 3D Spot/Ping an area of the map. A building, a bit of cover. This is your idicitive spotting function. Great, get your squad mates to concentrate fire over there, or a team mate in a plane can then do a straffe or bomb run on an area. But you dont have precision information. But then they undo this by basically allowing a flare to pinpoint the players anyway.

As said, planes can fire spotting flares. So if you indicated an area on the map, a plane could fly over fire flares, release the positions of enemy on the mini map (possibly in fps view as well not sure). Or team mate could fire flare up, acts like UAV. all revealed. Problem is at moment, although you get 1 flare, it can be constantly rearmed if you are support, so you can keep flares up.

Get rid of flares! booo its ww2. No uav hints at all please.


Definition of spotting? See to me spotting includes highlighting it on the minimap. HC does have spotting on minimap. Scout drones, 3d spotting attachements all feed into minimap, so I never found those features redundant at all but then I found I was playing the minimap and got accustomed to navigating with it. So to be honest this feature as it stands in BF 5 would suit my play. But I feel that its ww2, and that there is just no need for some sort of mass spotting like this from “Flares” I mean since when did flares spot anyway? They should be a visual indicator. Fire a flare up and use it as warning that enemy might be there. Get a bonus if a player is killed or seomthing like that.


But more importantly it’s a mass market video game and not a documentary game made by the history channel. There were some arguments about realistic over authentic and what have you when medal of honor came back for a bit and it was silly there to. If it makes the game play fun and is in service with the rest of the games features and mechanics great.


Thats my point Reno though. I dont think it makes it fun, I think it makes it cluster fuck. Everyone knows where everyone is, and element of “gameplay” or “skill” is removed or prevented from being utilised (of course you could argue that to overcome in these situations requires skill in its own right, but bah).

I am not talking about realism here, or milsim, but I dont think as it stands that it is a good gameplay mechanic. Especially with DICES own words spoken on stage at reveal “taking the player away from the minimap”. This contradicts that. As your basically increasing the focus on the minimap.

I was initially pleased with how they had described the new spotting mechanism. It was enough to rely on your actual vision, gave a role to scout class and with the “ping” spot all was leaning towards exciting gameplay and degree of teamwork and skill. But no, lets undermine all that with ability to reveal all.


right sorry mistook your point there scotty by bad mate. The guy in the vid and a good idea bout maby making the markers pulsing insted of always there


Well to be fair I did say that get rid of UAV style spotting as its not a WW2 feature. But yeah, I think a degree of authenticity can be expected at a right balance of creativity for gameplay experience.



loving the sniping changes make them integrate more with the battle and not sitting on a hill a mile away


Seen health rengen in that with out any actions. Though they had removed that


They have, its now limited


They said that you would need to interact with a medi kit for it to work. I didnt see any of that, he just seemed to get health back for staying alive. hate that


There are medic and supply stations that he approaches several times - he is being healed by them. These are normally around the home spawn area


Yeah but they said youbwould need to interact with them not just stand beside them. Didn’t seem him do that. Just run near them


He appeared to pick things up - the video is a slice and dice as Westie is not playing only Stodeh and I suspect the periods of play do not join together


did you watch the video i watched? i saw him pick up small packs from supply stations located at one of the capture points.

it’s a relitivly quick animation as this isn’t a sim and focus on the action. also pre-alpha


From what I see at the start… Goes down to 8HP… Takes about 10 seconds before healing kicks in, which only gives 35hp. Doesn’t seem too bad to me :slight_smile:

I’ll now go watch the rest haha.


I seen him pick something which looked like ammo but didn’t see anything when healing. Yeah it’s not a sim but 1 second isn’t interacting with something. And from all the talk I’ve seen you where meant to interact with it to get health, which I believed you had to stop what you where doing to get health, not tap a button and then run away.


To be fair Hammy, any sort of interaction, even if a second to two, is still taking you out of the action, rather than a support class throwing a ammo pouch and it auto locking in on you and giving you it, same with the healing pouches… I just spam the throwing button at people on BF1 knowing they’ll get the heals… If they need to stop and tap a button… That’s a massive change IMHO :smiley: