So, a new Battletech game is imminent, in fact it’s being released tomorrow (24th April)!

It looks pretty, it’s turn-based and has a full campaign, multiplayer, salvaging, proper hit locations, cooling of mechs, ammo types, the whole kit and kaboodle from what I can see.

I never got into the Mech Warrior titles as I couldn’t get to grips with heatsinks properly and any time I tried Mech Warrior Online I just got annihilated from some bastard with a Vulture on the other side of the map landing a full barrage of LRM on me.

Mech Commander though, was more my thing. Run a crew, hire mercs and mechs, salvage parts from enemies. Glorious stuff.

So, here’s some videos and screenies.


Booo, pre-order shtuff.



It’s going on sale world-wide tomorrow on the usual places, GOG, Humble, Steam.

@Jester you got affiliates links for this one too?


I have indeed…


Battletech PC Download Standard Edition: £ 24.99 (RRP £34.99)

Battletech PC Download Deluxe Edition - £32.99 (RRP £41.99)

Prices correct at time of post.

The Deluxe Edition Includes:

Base Game
Art Book
Forum Avatar
Wallpapers (4K)


Car bonnet.


I so love all this stuff. Loved all the mech warriors and the mech commanders. Might have to see if I can “sneak” this one in :slight_smile:



ahem reckon it might be my cup of tea this.

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Pre-loading it now :slight_smile:

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I’m actually rubbish at this sort of game when the difficulty ramps up but it still looks interesting :smiley:

The initial reviews are quite good. I backed the game so had some fun with the beta a good while ago. I never played the boardgame but played the hell out of the games on pc growing up.


Just let me play the bloody game…KPLZTHX

Just over 2 and a half hours to go!

Well unfortunately the game runs very poorly on my ancient laptop, which I really shouldn’t be surprised about. The edition I backed comes with an art booklet, over 400 pages, a soundtrack, what I’ve listened to so far, is pretty damn great, 3 books and assorted wallpapers. I’m hoping by the time I get through all this there may be a magical patch to improve the game performance on my utterly inadequate computer.

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I have to admit, I was lusting for this one. XCOM with mechs (STOMP STOMP PEW PEW) and base management(!!). Oh mah god, tell me where the numbers are, I have to make them go up. It is my life’s purpose.

The rockpapershotgun review put a little damper on me though, now it’s out. It kept mentioning excessive timewasting and that kind of thing and…I don’t fancy that, honestly. My time to play is really limited.

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Well, just finished the first mission. Lots of stompy, lots of pew. Lots of numbers :smiley:

Delighted to see that there is no difficulty setting (that I could see at least), it just launches you in and you have to suck it up buttercup.

The graphics seem a little rough around the edges, but I didn’t tweak things much at all.

UI is fairly straightforward, though I wouldn’t call it intuitive really. I still can’t find the supposed Melee ‘button’ so I just charge my Mech in and hope they bunch the other guy in the face.

Tactics are certainly there and that much seemed intuitive. You know you’re going to suffer shitloads of damage if you just run in and throw down with something, so flanking, higher ground, use of weapon types, multi-lock on small things all make sense and seem obvious.

Targetted shots seem limited to when an enemy combatant is on the ground, but maybe I’m just missing a trick somewhere?

So far, so good. The cutscenes are quite nice, but certainly the kill cams and activity cameras could be shorter or have the ability to be turned off.

You can do targeted shots if you have enough morale, you earn it through defeating enemies during a mission.

I read the RPS review late yesterday, I didn’t mind the time wasting during the beta but that was with sporadic play and I’m sure during the campaign I’ll get sick of it soon enough (I was the same with XCOM).
My major disappointment with the game is the very bare bones multiplayer which only supports 1 v 1.

Hopefully they will roll out a few patches that will address performance issues and to allow for a few things like turning off “glam cam” stuff.

You can do that in the settings, speeds things up a fair bit.

OK so mission 2 done…now i can start messing around with the Mech’s.

Can see myself taking hours over re-fitting 1 Mech like i used to in MechWarrior :_)

Just finished mission 2. The last shot took it the left arm and torso on one of my mechs, 133,000 to repair and refit, bloody typical.

Good news is that the game works fine with a steam controller.

Bad news is waiting for the enemy to take its turn can be painfully long.

One of my pilots was injured for 26 days :roll_eyes:

In my first proper mission after the Prologue, one of mine took a turret rocket salvo to the head and is out for 110 days… I’m thinking I might restart the campaign. First mission: 1 dead, 1 out for 36 days, 1 out for 110 days and 360K in repairs…

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