Battlezone II: Combat Commander

March 1st. Fuck. Yes.

I am all over this shit!

Battlezone II was a masterclass in combining RTS and FPS together in a 1-in-a-million Swiss Geneticist miracle lovechild. You commanded a small force, had to build up your base (only a dozen or so buildings, had a tactical map so you could build your base up like you would in Red Alert or SupCom, or you could exit your vehicle and jetpack around on foot, sniping enemy tank drivers and stealing your opponents stuff. All the while, you needed resource nodes to generate enough income to keep your forces going.

There was also a glorious way that you could steal another race’ vehicle, drive it home and equip with with your own technology, which went even further in creating weird loadouts (a tank with a mortar that had longer range than most had visual range).

This will be an instant purchase for me. If the price is right, I’m picking up 4 copies and dishing the other 3 out.

This has been launched today on Steam :slight_smile:

god I loved this game, spent many a night playing it hard!!! :stuck_out_tongue: