Been Too Long

Hey all,

Good to see I still recognise a lot of names here! I decided to pop back on and say hi.

What games are people playing these days?


See…if you build it…they will come…back :slight_smile:
How you been?

Hello fella.

Few different games kicking about. Personally been playing bit of R6 Seige, still some BF4, some BF1, Alot of ARMA3.

Hey ash! Long time no see

cor blimey guv’ - they’re all coming back! :slight_smile:

How you doing?

I’m playing what Scott mentioned - but there isn’t really one thing that we all play at the moment.

I’m good. Been busy with doing houses up and starting a degree. Got a bit expensive so my PC spec started to slip.

Moved to Xbox for a while, then tried Rocket League on PC and it runs much much better, so I specced a new rig and thought I might as well drop back on PC.

I have most of those games already but on xbox, so I’ll have to rebuy some on PC, it’s amazing how unsocial console gaming is!!


Welcome back fella, long time no see.

Other games we play include PUBG, Titanfall 2 and a couple of us play The Division and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam :slight_smile:

I am sure there is a game out there that a bunch of us play;

The BF series is going through a bit of a ZiiP revival at mo

I already have BF1 and PUBG. Don’t have any of the DLC on PC yet though, I bought it on console like a muppet.