Bethesda and the History of Oblivion/Fallout

Mandatory watching (Looking at you @vredesbyrd) for anyone interested in what these guys do. It goes into the origins, the history of the series, how they go about making them, bugs, mods, etc. It’s absolutely brilliant:

Honestly amazing documentary work. No Clip are killing it with their stuff.

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I love NoClip videos, subbed not long ago when they did the Warframe videos!

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Will try and give that a proper watch later.

Bethesda were easily the best developer/publisher I ever did business with during the years of the gamestore. Huge respect for them in that regard.

4 elder scrolls games in what’ll likely be 17+ years seems like a good rate, rather than needing to pump a title out annualy/biannually in case people stop talking about it.

I remember when fallout 3 was being made someone in an interview explained they tried asking ‘people who know that stuff’ how they could make their post-nuclear war wasteland accurate, but they were told ‘nothing will survive, it’ll just be one giant crater’ and explained they had to take some artistic liberties to produce an actual game world.

After the Disney buyout in 2023 there’ll be an actual Vault built as a ‘theme park’, that’s going to be awesome.