Bethesda teasing a new Fallout game/release



It’s announcement-of-an-announcement season! Bethesda, the company behind several huge franchises, is teasing a new Fallout game, and as fans eagerly wait to see what it might be, they’ve spent hours watching a Twitch stream that shows nothing but a television and a Vault-Tec bobblehead.

Well, occasionally other things are happening. But it’s safe to say that fans aren’t tuning in to see people wander in and out of frame—they want to know what the next Fallout game will be. Based on Bethesda’s history of these teases, there’s a strong chance that it’ll be announced tomorrow morning, 24 hours after the teaser first went live.

Source, Twitch stream.

Unfortunatley Obsidian, creators of the wonderful Fallout New Vegas have in their own way confirmed it is not them:



I’d have loved another Fallout game from Obsidian, they did a lot more with the Creation Engine than Bethesda did and generally made a better game out of it that was far, far closer to the original Fallout games.

Before finding out Obsidian were not involved: Hype level set to 10
Now: Hype level set to 4

I’ll hedge my bets:

  • It’ll be another big DLC like Far Harbour (Fallout 3 got 5 bits of DLC, three of them fairly chunky)
  • A new spin off or standalone done in-house that’ll play as well but feel as empty as Fallout 4

Just a quick hello

Did enjoy fallout 4, didnt really go for all the DLC as after all the hours I put into I got a bit bored, plus the robot one broke on me in a “boss” fight and I was stuck.

Still, will give the new one a good.


Possibilities driven by cynicism:

  • Fallout Shelter 2
  • Some Fallout themed VR shenanigans
  • quick cash-in Fallout film; poor green screened performances and a bunch of shitty CGI, using ‘original’ characters and plot because some writer doesn’t want to be ‘hedged in’ to the IP a studio has paid to license.
  • IP sold to Disney corp.
  • FOO: re-skinned elder scrolls online into FO4; cookie cutter mmorpg mechanics.

Possibilities derived from hope and dreams:

  • Fallout: Anchorage; or something set during the war that we only ever see bits and pieces of. possibly not an RPG.
  • Fallout TV Series; preferably focusing on Nick Valentine and his casefiles to keep the plot down to a single main location, reduce the number or scale of post-apocalyptic sets you need to build, and allow you to develop an ensemble cast in a familiar-to-fans setting and focus on being a detective show rather than a sci-fi show. I’d be happy with anything they try to do with character driven stories rather than ‘cliche-plot with licensed aesthetics’.
  • Other non-Fallout 5 Fallout game/spin-off/stand-alone DLC.
  • Fallout 5? Feels too soon.
  • curveball, and it’s TES6: Elsweyr (i wanted one set in the summerset isles but that’s a recent TESO supplement so probably less likely).

Hype level is wavering somewhere between orange and B-flat maj.


Yes please!!!


That’s the ‘pitch’ i came up with as a conclusion to wondering ‘will I ever get to see a fallout TV series, or will it always be too expensive to do properly?’, on the back of a conversation about how ‘a fallout movie would be rubbish as too much time would be taken up with set pieces/effects and leave you 40-80 minutes for character development’, and the demise of Defiance as SyFys videogame tie-in series that they tried to do on a budget and the result was a) a poor tv show b) doesn’t resemble what i’ve seen of the game in the slightest.


i have the stream on a seperate monitor and the reaction just now when a cupcake was placed in front of the camera was extreme.

FO3 remaster for 10th anniversary is the immediate assumption.


Fallout 76, apparently.



Vault 76 apparently was set to open up 20 years after the bombs dropped, so may be set much earlier, or could be a different type of game.


If you freeze frame it, the date on the pipboy is 2102, which works out as 25 years after the bombs dropped, going by a few posts on facebook.




also people claiming they ‘heard’ it’s going to be online in some form, but no one seems to have a source.

please don’t be an mmorpg. Or a fallout-themed (grey/brown) borderlands/destiny clone, which might be necessary given the firearms based nature of fallout combat.



Reckon whatever it is releases on 27th October?


So its going to be 4 times bigger than fallout 4! Thats fucking HUGE!


Did I see a flying deathclaw?


The game is expected to have a heavy multiplayer component,

Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios promised the game would be “four times bigger”

God please don’t be an MMO. Please Bethesda/Todd, don’t do it to Fallout as well…

This might confirm it isn’t a mobile game at least.

Some positivity for a moment: Could it be a Division-esque mmo-lite? A coop multiplayer affair like Wildlands?

Back to negativity: This little tid bits aren’t giving me hope since they’ve broken their normal schedule so soon after ES:O.


Loads of rumours thatvit will be multiplayer



looks a bit rust/fortnite/ark with some elements of destiny thrown in for the co-op shootiness. Hype level: blue


Fallout 4 but CooP?

Sounds like a nightmare of bugs but if it is literally Fallout 4 with CooP then I’m swinging back towards this. Time will tell but hype level increased slightly.

Probably released around Christmas time if not next year.