Bethesda teasing a new Fallout game/release


November 14th


no hint of it being an RPG, nor any sign of story; maybe cause for concern? Those are pretty integral parts of fallout 4.

on the other hand, i will definitely try TES: Blades. The potential for it to be a VR nethack is too strong for me not to.


Very good points, worry mode activated.


Everything is pointing to it being an “Online Survival RPG” … That can be played Solo, but is Always Online.


If its this, then i’m all over this like a fat kid on cakes


Here’s the full lowdown…


aye that’s what i watched, as the teaser in the xbox conference didn’t really say anything.

I think we can probably agree that for the most part providing a sandbox for ‘players to tell their own stories’ results in 95% of players telling a story where they slaughtered and destroyed everything and everyone in sight, and doesn’t work in place of an actual coherent story. I can’t think of one where that’s not ended up being the case.

In 10-15 years, when Disney have bought Bethesda for it’s IP, overproduced annual fallout and elder scrolls movies, and Sean Bean has been killed off as Uriel Septim the Umpteenth in the HBO drama series Game of Scrolls, when Disney shut down game development and license those IPs wholesale to EA, and we’re playing EA’s new Fallout:Subtitle action-rpg, produced by a studio they bought 18 months ago and will close in another 12, on the shitter, streamed to whatever mobile device or implant we’ve got, we’ll be able to think back to now and think ‘i remember when it all started to go wrong’.



Beta announced for 23rd October. No idea how to get into it as I have not looked


RPS have a bunch of information on the release date, the editions, the beta and content:


Oh @vredesbyrd


Something seems really wrong with the graphics, like the brightness has been turned way up and the full resolution textures haven’t loaded in yet, like happens immediately before pop-in.

I’d really need to know more about multiplayer before I even thought about picking it up to play.

I’m still looking at picking a copy up, but only because I want that sweet power armour helmet (I’m a slut for tatt)


Rereading this it sounds like I’m crapping on it because of the graphics, which isn’t the case.

I was just wondering why the graphics looked like there were performance issues or something wrong with LOD/pop-in/whatever.

To make it clear, I’ve not been turned off by the graphics, I’ve been turned off by two main things:

  • Multiplayer - What I’ve read about the MP experience sounds like the absolute opposite experience that I would want from a Fallout game. I don’t want PVP, I want Fallout CooP PVE. That is a personal preference and maybe the wider audience want the PVP aspect, but the smaller server pop, the way persistence works and the inclusion of the ultimate trolling weapon (Nukes) makes it sound like a horrible experience to me. After a year, if they do release dedicated servers like they promise and you can make them private and the whole experience can be done as CooP/PVE, I’ll check back - but only after a year. Why a year? Well…
  • The first year beta - Bethesda don’t seem to really know - or haven’t done a good job of convincing me - what they want the F76 experience to be exactly. They mention/show open world, coop, PVP, PVE, events (Storms/etc), nukes, base building, raiding, etc, etc but all of these things are fairly generic elements for mini-MMO-like games - is that all we’re getting: A Fallout themed mini-mmo?. They don’t even seem very clear on how all of this will tie together. I absolutely do not get the feeling that they already know what they want the game to be when it is released. Call me negatron, but I genuinely believe that they’ll use the first year as a paid-for beta where they’ll figure out what the experience will be, tune it to however the largest part of the audience plays it and then release the usual end-of-first-year-Bethesda game patch where they effectively rerelease the game in a proper solid state to start off year 2. Then they’ll move on to their normal 5 DLC releases.

Hypocritcal, superficial, whatever - I’m a sucker for tatt and really will look in to buying the helmet edition, but I’m just not hyped for this as a game at all even though it seems like the exact thing I’ve said I wanted - CooP Fallout. Its just that I hate people that aren’t you lot…


i thought the helmet edition was US only and sold-out already? Maybe get the regular edition and pre-order this?

Like too many ‘survival’ games, i think you’re right and they’re relying on catering to whatever the emergent behaviour ends up being (hint, it’s always pvp), unless they plan on catering to both by having PvE only servers. Too little information to tell at present, certainly private servers would resolve a lot of concerns, but i’m basing my thoughts on what’s possible with other things, and i’ve no idea how bethesda will try to shaft over modding in this instance.


Game still has it for preorder but I don’t suppose that means much with how preorders sometimes end up working with Game. Thanks for the link to the pip boy, my wallet doesn’t thank you though!

And yeah, you’ve said it in a much more eloquent way and touched on that fact that it really isn’t much different to many survival games, especially the early access variety. Maybe this is just the new way of doing things we all have to get used to for this type of game. Maybe there needs to be a switch to the way certain types of game are consumed as media, like the way some people watch new series by allowing a few episodes to build up or a full season before partaking.

Time will tell as you say. For me, if they open up the options for players to choose PVE/PVP/etc then it could be something I pick up.


Some encouraging information in this Arstechnica article.

Combat between players doesn’t unlock until level 5, thankfully, so the initial moments out of the vault aren’t a deluge of experimental bullets. Even after that point, shooting another player that’s not on your team only does extremely minor “chip damage,” regardless of the weapon or relative character levels of the two players involved. This makes it quite difficult to outright murder another player that doesn’t want to be killed. When that does happen, however, the murderer gets marked prominently on the map and becomes susceptible to lucrative revenge killings from anyone else on the server.

True PvP combat only starts if the griefer’s target fires back at their assailant, at which point it’s kill or be killed with full damage potential. The stakes for these PvP battles seem pretty low, though—the victor simply gets to pick up a bag containing whatever scrap the killed player was carrying at the time (the stakes of death against the environment seem similarly low—it seems relatively easy to simply respawn to your team leader, pick up your scrap, and move on as if nothing happened). There’s also a default “pacifist mode” to prevent players from accidentally shooting back at their assailants and inadvertently initiating a battle.

Specific mention of post-launch private servers:

Bethesda seems to have put a lot of thought into preventing trolling, but we’re sure determined players will still find a way to be a nuisance to fellow players—setting off nearby enemy sentries during stealth sections, perhaps. The potential for these kinds of negative experiences, combined with the general lack of positives we can see from having a wider server population, already has us looking forward to the planned post-launch rollout of private servers that we can roam alone in small, unbothered cooperative teams.

I’ll wait to see for myself, but all that is quite encouraging.


hehe, i was tempted by the pip-boy but i already have a lack of shelf space for things (where does one store a technic bucket excavator while it’s awaiting work on it’s gearbox/transmission). Wondering how long after launch someone will cram an actual computer into one.


Tell me about it. My Fallout stuff alone takes up to top of one entire bookcase and my Titanfall stuff is already half way through the space on top of the bookcase next to it!

I’ll need to find some more space any way, I’ve just discovered the Gundam model kits and have been slowly adding them to my Amazon wishlist. It won’t be long until I’m up to my eye balls in mechs!


Nicely done Vred. I have meny a Gundam model still im the loft waiting for space and still have to build my Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam that i got when i went to LA about 10 years ago :blush:


I will most likely get this at some point but will prob wait until a few of us get it and can play together.