BF1's new "Turning the Tides" DLC

The first part of the DLC is set during the 1915 British amphibious invasion of the Gallipoli peninsula. This will take place on two new maps — Cape Helles and Achi Baba. There are eight new weapons that players could use for the game, including six guns and two melee weapons.

The second release of “Battlefield 1 Turning Tides” is set to the North Sea with two new maps in Zeebrugge and Heligoland. Players will get the chance to use the new Royal Marines and the spawn on the C-Class Airship.

Well…hello…this sounds interesting…

Spoon - if you adore Hardcore mode then you may want to save some money; if however, you don’t mind playing in “normal” mode (which is not to be confused with softcore @Reno) then BF1 is worth a go.

I originally bought BF1 when I was a hardcore through and through player and could not get on with the lack of death when you shot someone (no longer one shot one kill unless a true headshot). I gave up on the game and moved on.

Now a big thanks goes out to @Reno for this; he got me to play BF4 in normal mode which brought back so many facets of the game such as spotting that are disabled in HC mode. I now play BF1 (mostly on my own - @Scottyboy’s in OZland, Reno is StarWarsing) but I have now bought the season pass and love the game. Yes the extra bullets to kill someone is annoying sometimes but I have the enjoyment back.

Its a shame that more of us don’t play it but hey-ho that’s life.

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for me at it’s timing whne most people are coming on to play im going to bed for work, but im always up for this as gonna be a wait for SW to get fixed

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When is the best time to catch you for a game?

any time after 5:30 till about 8:30

It’d be slightly surreal playing Battlefield in Zeebrugge, where I’ve been loads of times. Some lovely places for a drink.

…Admittedly, probably not at the time.


A difficult time slot but not impossible. I am normally around from 7.30 on a Friday or midweek (depending on the footie - plays in background) so gives us around a good hour’s play.

Are you working on a Saturday (after 5:30ish)?

Do you fancy playing/getting BF1?

i finish work at 12 tuesdays to saturdays to free sat afternoons and sundays

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In principle I would, but in practice I don’t have much time these days to play - particularly when you all are. I figured I might as well wait till the next BIG game happens which everybody gets. Better chance of at least catching somebody online, that way.

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Our next hope is Hell Let Loose

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@spoonlamp - saving money or gonna give it a go?