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4pm Launch. Thought I’d start us off.

Right to it v the 3080


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That’s me sold! :smiley:


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ooft $649


curve ball


Price $999

November 18th for 6800/x cards. December 08th for 6900XT

Perf is great, power draw is great, price is great… DX 12 RT and other stuff also great.

But is there anything AMD has that I can use to encode to H265 with? ( I ask this cause I am so out of touch with AMD GPUs - Not sure what their answer to CUDA/NVENC/NVDEC is)

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saw folk asking that in the chat. They say they have drawn on their CPU experience so you would maybe hope so. But I has no clue.

I doubt it. That is the biggest problem at the moment.

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Noticed something about the max clock speeds.


PS5 - 2230MHz

While both being very power efficient… I guess that’s what comes out of collaborations.

The equivalent of CUDA in AMD land is called OpenCL pip.

These GPU’s look like they have bought AMD back in the game rather than just leaving Nvidia competing with themselves! Competition is great for us consumers!

I’m sticking with my 1080ti for a bit yet so I can wait for real reviews and benchmarks to come out from independent reviewers like tech jesus etc. as both AMD and Nvidia will do standard marketing bullshittery to make their graphs look good compared to the competition!


OpenCL was never adopted properly though, outside of neckbeard-land.

VCE is the H265 HW encoder, and compared to CUDA it’s in a different league. Just not in a good way.


650$ is cheaper than a 3080 AND this might actually mean, with more competetion/alternatives, we can maybe actually buy a GPU?

I’ll wait for real world benchmarks and the “experience”. AMD gpus have a very bad reputation for drivers. The numbers look pretty good though! I don’t encode much video on my GPUs, the are only for games and rendering.

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Well, I am so confused at what to do. Instinct tells me to go for a 3070… But if AMD has got its shit together, then it’d be better to wait. As mentioned, AMD drivers have been worse than diabolical in the past. If the 3070 is pushing to levels around a 2080, then it’d be feck amazing.

Honestly don’t know what to do. I don’t play that many games these days… Productivity is just as important.

I just dont know either. And I ma thinking gaming. So Im like, ahh 3070 damn good card, 2080ti level for £450… OOOh AMD 6800 for £550 ish. which is looking better still. whats a £100… Then well… why not go to the 6800 XT! And well thats only gonna be about £600ish? Fek may as well take that step up!

Ah wont matter anyway, wont be able to get anything in stock for months anyway.

3060tI AND 3080ti just round the corner as well just to confuse things further.

Now, that last bit you said always makes me get my little tin foil hat out the drawer.

What if AMD and Nvidia were in cahoots with one another, sat around a boardroom table and agree that Nvidia would launch their cards first to set a level, then allow AMD to come in soon after with lab benchmarks a slightly bit higher, and then warrant a reason for an Nvidia Ti/Super release. It’d just be a marketing department pantomime.

All to achieve, as you said, a desire to upsell to the next card.

/Tinfoil hat off

I think it’s either gonna be a 3070 if I can get one today when launched. If I can’t, it’ll be whatever is available next. As I’ve said before, I’m upgrading from a gtx970. Anything is going to be amaziballs

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I went from a 680 to a 1080ti the jump in performance was insane for me but on regular games my 1080ti churns out silly frame rates with games on ultra at 1920x1080 so I’m on the hunt for a 1440p 144hz monitor to give it some work to do.

An interesting point was made by jayztwocents about the availability of these cards too becuase AMD use TSMC’s fab for everything they make and so does half the world and he thinks they could struggle to churn out these new GPU’s fast enough if they turn out to be good when reviewers have benched them etc.

Right now I couldn’t give less of a shit to be honest. I wanted to buy a 3080 but they are basically sold out overywhere with crazy waiting times. I basically came to the conclusion to wait until next year even before AMD swooped in.

I can check out Cyberpunk (I still have hope) and with how AMD is doing overall. Their CPUs are very good and I’m happy with my 3600x but that doesn mean I trust their GPU devision one bit. I think this will be a good thing, if they proove to be a good alternative it might help revitalise the GPU market like it did the CPU market before.

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The Gamer Red is strong with this one ‘sigh’. Poor availability at launch. Partner cards will launch on 25th.

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