Bitcoin Insanity

This is just plain bonkers.

Statistic: Bitcoin network average energy consumption per transaction compared to VISA network as of 2020 (in kilowatt-hours) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

• Bitcoin vs. VISA: energy consumption per transaction 2020 | Statista

I haven’t got a paid account so I can see the source of the information - but the site looks reliable. If that is true, fuck bitcoin.


It’s maddening to think about the waste of resources on it all that computing power just pissed up the wall

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BBC News - Sandwell Bitcoin mine found stealing electricity

Police thought it was a weed farm they where going to raid


That’s bonkers.

In all honesty, I use NiceHash when not gaming… But that just takes the piss :man_facepalming:


This bit got me

Bitcoin’s electricity consumption is currently greater than The Netherlands’, according to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index.

BBC News - A US company has turned a former coal plant into a gas-fired Bitcoin mine

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