Black Friday 19

You know the deal (pun intended) see anything good, let us know.

I have noticed some good deals on ebuyer. No link but BenQ 28" 4k monitor is on there for £167. No idea if it’s any good though

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Currys have started their black Friday deal already with a promise to refund the difference if it is lower on actual black Friday

I’m going to be looking for a proper CREE flashlight during the sales. Can’t think of anything else.

Tempted to look for a PS4 - what are the chances? I mean, 5 is out next year, yes?

PS5 is indeed next year and will have PS4 backwards compatibility and looking like PS1-3 also. Decisions, decisions.

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Just searched Google ps4 if you get the now subscription aswell you get over 700 games for £50 a year

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Youth today - this interwebs magic comes so easy to you…


Picked up one of these sets for 98 sterling (@Jester affiliate link used :slight_smile: ) Normally ~135.

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What do peeps think of this chair?

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Couple of deals one from ASUS:

And one from Crucial:

for a chair quoting a good weight capacity like that to have a wheel base made of plasic isn’t a good sign ( i had one like that the wheels bent the plastic and fell off ) Im also im the market for a new chair @MicJules if i find one i’l let ya know :wink:


I can’t recommend enough a proper (BSI certified) 24 hour operator chair over any gamer chair. Mine was the cheapest on the market at around £250 but they can go up to over a grand for ones that are used by air traffic controllers (KAB Chairs).

I’ve had mine years and it is still working and comfortable.



Finally bit the bullet and bought a PS4 PRO, mainly for SF 3rd Strike OE. Horizon was on sale so I bought that too :smiley: .

Now all I need is my computer monitor to arrive from Korea … don’t wanna buy a TV too I’ve got my projector.


Unfortunately I cant use Jesters links as all my stuff is the italian amazon :frowning: .

So much for not buying a TV. Got a Samsung 43" TV with HDR, it also got 4k but I will probably run it in 1080p @ 60Hz for SF.

I will also buy some adult Lego next week, I need a proper desk and got a nice setup figured out on IKEA! Unlucky enough they run of legs so I need to wait until they got new stock.

I got myself a Internet contract too, I decided to stay here until the apartment contract runs out next year. Rather a bitter end than no end in sight.


Samsung 1TB SSD for 124.

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I posted using my phone earlier :slight_smile:

So lets put this in since NaloaC put in the 1TB normal SSD… @Jester change to affiliate please.



ADATA - @st00kz, didn’t you say to me in a PM that they were your highest returns at the moment?

Yeah I know that Adata had a large batch of drives that were failing hard. These were generally the 240gb. The have supposedly sorted it now but I do not know any versions unfortunately or if any others were affected. Those were for the standard ssd and not the m.2 so they would be OK that I know of