Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018


Both I guess.


I’ve noticed this as well but I find that Scan seem to really thin out their offer and then totally remove a lot of products that other retails have on hand for years before the next gen is even fully established.


I’m beginning to look at a 2070 now…


Stocks are running out now. They are not making it anymore and after the initial launch of the 2000 series people were grabbing all the stock of the 1080s and 1080ti.(myself included).


Ok, cheapest 2070 I can find (from a solid 3rd party, in this instance: MSI) is 540 sterling. Comes with BFV, which I’ll be selling as I already have it, and $40 in Steam vouchers.

Does anyone know of better prices?


Best I’ve seen so far.

Keep an eye on RockPaperShotgun - they’ve been summarising the best deals and posting them up in one place, they might find a better deal.


Yeah, I found it from them.


just incase anyone fancys buying a bag (great presents for wifes/mums/girlfriend)
10% sale in my Etsy Shop


You ship to Ireland?


I do indeed


Just came across the below deals: