Black Friday

Which we all know is the last Friday in November starts tomorrow on Amazon. Might be worth keeping an eye on for some folk


I know, it’s ridiculous… it’s gone from a ‘day’ to a ‘week’ of deals…

Anyhow - yeah… worth putting up deals.

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Argos Black Friday Deals

Argos have already put some of theirs online and have said they won’t be any lower on Black Friday itself. Some good deals - Nokia 5 is down to £129 and there is a 4K 43" TV for £329.


Although I wouldn’t recommend anyone actually buys that 4K TV hehe.

I dunno mate - Not a brand I immediately recognise… but has 4.8 stars out of 5 based on over 160 reviews… Can’t all be that bad, especially it that price.

All depends how long you’d wanna keep it for I guess… To me the best thing about being able to watch 4K isn’t the 4K it’s the HDR.

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May be of interest to peeps… all the deal links in one place


Cracking black Friday deal! @Jester can you make this link one of yours. I might look into it more later

Let me know if hdd and ssd is going for cheap. Doing a build for the missus so she can join us.

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Contemplating a few things at the moment, but currently what has my interest is a Steam Controller and Steam Link. €40 for the pair of them.

Anyone else here have the controller? Any good?

i was looking at the link for £4, but shipping is another 7.50, and it’s not like i have a TV sat anywhere that isn’t already attached to a pc of some kind.

I wish this was on sale somewhere!

Anyone got a spare grand? :smiley:

I can’t remember if I’ve previously posted this but if I haven’t - for Amazon deals, copy the item page’s url and paste it in to the search on camelcamelcamel and have a peak at the price fluctuation over the different time periods.

It’s designed to help you identify actual deals from the ones where the price was slowly risen in the run up to Christmas and then set back to base price and passed off as a deal.


For example, the Monitor Hamster posted up:


The £126.99 deal price was an actual deal based on the past year of price fluctuations.


That’s bloody well handy!

That 2TB M2 SSD has dropped 400 sterling in the last 12 months.

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Origin Black Friday Deals

Battlefield 1 - 17.49 or on access

Battlefield 1 Season Pass - 11.99

Lots of SIMS 4 stuff - Vampires, City Living, etc.

Titanfall 2 - 12.49 or available on Access

I almost accidentally ordered a 1080Ti! :smiley: Was looking at the shipping costs (€6) and thought I had clicked “buy now” on Amazon. Almost shat the bed!


It offers great flexibility, remapping keys etc, and you can play almost any type of game on it even if the game doesn’t support controllers. I’m not a fan of the trackpad instead of another stick. Just can’t get used to it even with gyro controllers trying to improve my aim.

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Amazon have

edit - Wolfenstein back to regular price

PUBG at CDkeys - 17.99

Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y - 15.99

Star Wars BF2 - 37.99

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare - 4.99

Call of Duty WW2 - 32.99

i just brought this Despicable Me light-up fluffy unicorn… havent decided if its for me or Pauline yet :joy::joy: