Black Friday



Sometimes, Black Friday just gets the better off you.


well this is awkward…

…unfortunately for financially supporting sportsdirect, you’re now on my shit list.


Toon Fan lol :wink:


otherwise known as Newquay fans :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont worry, i’m on my own shit list for that too.

Though I do wait until the sales to give them as little as possible.


Pick this up for djing as my other laptop is causing issues. Was the last one in the shop! Currently uninstalling all the HP shit on it, and will move music soon. Had to use CPUZ to find out if there was a spare RAM slot, which there is, so will be on the look out for cheap RAM for it now

Also Windows 10, what a bitch! No I do not want to sign in with my microsoft account!


But…do you want to sign in with your Microsoft account?


Managed to nab Deep Water Horizon in 4K for £10 on Amazon :smiley:


Having to restore it already ffs! Don’t know what I’ve turned off that’s fucked it up lol



Amazing :joy:


For those that didn’t have enough a week ago…

Only £22.50 for a litre. Nice.


I still have the half bottle in my press that was somehow left over!


Release it you bastard!! Release the kraken :grin:
Who was it who pored it out in shot glasses then shouted at us to sip when we all went to shot it :joy::joy:


@n0tch maybe? I know Any time someone poured me a rum, it was gone in one.


That was me you glanz - I was pouring you the good stuff, Black Seal Rum!


I don’t know what any of you are talking about.

There’s nothing to see here.

Move along…move along…


Mmm…black seal. Only been able to find it in Belgium with the price massively hiked. Tragic!


Here’s something for free, if you get a new laptop, do a fresh install of windows! I was for throwing this out the window until last night. New installed cleared all the HP bloatware and put in all updates which where basically making this a massive paper weight!


Yes you will always have to get rid of the bloatware from laptops when you get one. The manufacturers make deals with various companies to have their software running on the laptop, some of these even have keyloggers on them.


Huzzah! Steam Controller and Link system are almost en route.