Blackburn ZiiP FM2017 - Final Game

Hi All and Welcome to the only ZiiP Football Manager game in town!

After discussions with various forumsters, rather than doing an in depth post, game after game, goal after goal, card after card… oops some Apocalypse Now monologue from Colonel Kurtz.

We have decided that a Monthly report with results, (ZiiP) goal scorers, cards awarded, injuries will be enough, including any random injury or transfer news.

I hope you enjoy, please post any questions, comments or requests for your character.


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LEAGUE 5th BLACKBURN 3 Rotherham 0
Goals: Notch (11,47) Yellows: Windy (33) Man of Match: Notch

EFL CUP 1stR 10th BLACKBURN 2 Chesterfield 0
Goals: Jesta (23) Yellows: Giantkiwi (85) MoM: Jesta

LEAGUE 13th Shrewsbury 0 BLACKBURN 2
Yellows: Oneb (40)

LEAGUE 17th BLACKBURN 1 Fleetwood 1
MoM: @MadMan

LEAGUE 20th Portsmouth 1 BLACKBURN 2
Goals: Jesta (85)

EFL CUP 2ndR BLACKBURN 1 Brighton 1
Goals: @Leepants (34) Yellows: Leepants (73), Oneb (95)
Blackburn win 4-3 on penalties

Goals: Notch (77) Yellows: Crspy (68) Injuries: Jesta (74) MoM: @Blackraven

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Transfer News:
Doyle (@Ronin) joins Leyton Orient on a Season Loan
@adrock joins Tranmere on a Season Loan

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LEAGUE 3rd BLACKBURN 4 Peterboro 2
Goals: Andyrooo (25secs), @Ched (55,87) MoM: Andyrooo

LEAGUE 6th BLACKBURN 2 Bristol Rovers 1
Yellows: @VirulentPip (19)

LEAGUE 10th Doncaster 0 BLACKBURN 4
Goals: @Buggsy (7), Jesta (@Jester) (38,81), Andyrooo (64) MoM: Jesta

LEAGUE 17th BLACKBURN 2 Oldham 0
Goals: @Windy (19), Notch (45+1)

EFL CUP 3rdR Newcastle 0 BLACKBURN 2
Goals: @BlackRaven (33,87) Yellows: Virulent-Pip (45) Reds: Virulent-Pip (66) MoM: Blackraven

Goals: Madman (35) MoM: Madman

LEAGUE 28th BLACKBURN 3 Bradford City 1
Goals: Crspy (90+1) MoM: Crspy


Opps! At least I didn’t lose us the game :stuck_out_tongue:


LEAGUE 1st Gillingham 0 BLACKBURN 3
Goals: @Madman (23,50), Notch (40) MoM: Madman

LEAGUE 8th BLACKBURN 0 Scunthorpe 0
Yellows: @Leepants (69), @Nalgaroth (81)

LEAGUE 15th Blackpool 1 BLACKBURN 4
Goals: @n0tch (12, 18, 84, 90) MoM: Notch

Goals: Notch (54), Yellows: @Windy (90+1)

LEAGUE 22nd Wimbledon 1 BLACKBURN 2
Goals: Madman (84) Injury: Crspy (51)

EFL CUP 4th Round 26th Liverpool 2 BLACKBURN 3
Goals: @Jester (8), Notch (70) Yellows: Windy (46) MoM: Jesta

LEAGUE 29th Oxford 2 BLACKBURN 5
Goals: Notch (22, 47, 78, 88), @BlackRaven (56) Yellows: Madman (74) MoM: Notch


FA CUP 1st Round 5th BLACKBURN 5 Bognor Regis 0
Goals: Blackraven (10), Notch (29, pen 53) MoM: Notch

LEAGUE 19th Southend 1 BLACKBURN 2
Goals: Notch (16,42) MoM: Notch

LEAGUE 23rd BLACKBURN 0 Charlton 0
Yellows: Windy (74), Jesta (75)

LEAGUE 26th Rochdale 0 BLACKBURN 0

EFL CUP Qtr Final 29th Middlesboro 1 BLACKBURN 2
Goals: Jesta (35), Yellows: Crspy (8) MoM: Jesta


JESTA is wanted by Arsenal, Barcelona, Liverpool, Man City, Southampton, Spurs and West Ham

WINDY is wanted by AS Saint Etienne, Aston Villa, Espanyol and Fulham

NALGAROTH is wanted by Perugia and Charlton

ONEB is wanted by Huddersfield, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Southampton, Stoke, Spurs, West Ham, Sheff Wed and West Brom

CRSPY is wanted by Sheff Wed, West Brom and Wolves

BLACKRAVEN is wanted by West Ham


Notch sidelined for 9 days with a virus
Andyroo has ahamstring injury and will be out for 3 weeks

When Barcelona comes calling…

Please don’t sell me to Arsenal.

I hope to hang on to you but you are unhappy and the January window is days away…

How on earth could I possibly be unhappy at Blackburn with the knowledge that Barca are interested.

I’d prefer to stay and get the team to the Premier league. Maybe loan?

Unhappy - cos you want to leave but the club said no…

Big clubs don’t take loans from smaller clubs these days.

How’re Tranmere doing? Am I contributing?

Tranmere are 4th in the National League; you have played 17 times, scored 4 goals, provided 2 assists and have 2 MoM awards. Impressively, no cards at all

Am I just sitting on the bench scratching my hole?

I’m such a nice guy!

Oh conference, you can give yourself a fancy ‘National League’ name, but you’re basically the definition of ‘non-league’ football.

You are not ready for 1st team action… until now…

I was born ready!


You are playing in the away fixture against Bristol Rovers… so look out for the results

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@fl3xxxo joins Barrow on a Season Loan

Crspy, after playing for Blackburn 23 times, scoring 2 goals and providing 3 assists, completes his move to Premier League side West Brom for a fee of 4 million which could rise to 5.25m

Oneb completes his switch to Premier League side Southampton for 3.5 million, rising to 4.4m with add-ons. He played 30 times for Blackburn assisting in one goal but was the leader of the side with an average rating of 7.16

@magicaltrev joins Leyton Orient on a Season Long loan

SHOCKER @Jester!!!

Despite two bids from Barcelona and Villareal being accepted, Jesta picks Villareal!

He joins them for 11 million, having played for Blackburn 29 times, scoring 8 times and making 12 assists, while receiving 6 Man of the Match awards; his average rating was 7.99


Hammy contracted flu, out for a week - recovered
Notch currently playing with sprained wrist

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Wankers cramp more likely

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