Blame Space!


I’m happy (thrilled) to announce that the website for Blame Space is (finally) live! I’ve literally completed it about 5 minutes ago… and I need you guys to test it before we shout about it from (hopefully) tomorrow…

Kickstarter due to start in May all things going to plan - just before the Game Expo, where we’ll be running demo sessions.

This is our biggest game to date. We hope we’ve got it right :slight_smile:

Give any feedback you want. Most importantly, any errors (minor things might get ignored til another day - but major things need my attention ASAP). I have tested on tablets and phones too… and it should all look lovely.

I need a drink.


Had a poke around and can’t find/see anything that doesn’t work or looks wrong.

The only thing I thought of: Would it be worth changing the ‘Buy Now’ button to something about Kickstarter until the campaign is over and you’re selling it directly? I know about the Kickstarter but until I’ve clicked ‘Buy Now’ it isn’t immediately obvious there is/will be a Kickstarter campaign if I was Joe Pub.

Aside from that though its looking good boss!


First thing that I noticed was that for “annoying super-widescreen format” the banner image is off-centre.


yeah, that’s the only banner that breaks the 920px ‘box’ - I tested any fluidity up to 2560x1440. I forget about you crazy-super-wide-letterbox-‘people’.

What’s your resolution?


3440 x 1440

I know they are an awkward res, but they are more common than you would think these days.

Hell, someone is releasing a 5860 x 1080 screen soon.


Fixed - was just a missing center-class on the container div.


Nope, still off-centre. Done a Ctrl+F5 refresh as well. Sorry bud.


I hadn’t uploaded it yet. It works locally :slight_smile:


Worked well on my phone, would agree with Vred on the buy/kickstarter bit


I will also chime in on the comment regarding the “Buy now” button.

It can easily put some people off when they go to buy and it goes to a Kickstarter page.


yeah, we’re just discussing alternatives.


Made a few changes this morning after a silly long meeting about single words. Changed the first page too at the top to make it stand out more.


had a look on my phone. Looks good on Android/Chrome OS on Galaxy s8, Also Samsungs own internet browser.


Browsing on my WiiU mashes the site, but that is a fairly niche audience lol


Still something to be aware of. Can you PM me images. Do you know the resolution of the screen? From the point of view of being optimised for tablet and mobile - the preference is toward a portrait viewport. Going mobile on landscape would probably play havoc.


Had to look it up, its 854x480 apparently. It is locked in landscape view.

I’ll have to take some pictures with my phone and post them up here later when I get home mate.


Yeah. I’m not optimising for that wierd viewport. :stuck_out_tongue:


Working fine on my phone and computer at various resolutions.


Ok, we’re about 2-3 days from launch.

Earlybird price will be £10 - though numbers will be limited, so get in there if you want one at that price.

We really want to hit our target in 72hours if we can. You can never guarantee such things - but we’ll be shouting out to existing Game of Blame backing, as well as many other sources. Experience (and KS) says that the most successful campaign hit their target within the first 24-72hours. We know our marketing has been a bit slack, but we also know the product is strong.

We are demoing at the Game Expo in B’ham on the 1st June - mid way through the campaign. I won’t be there (I’ll be heading up to Lincoln to help look after my dad) - but my bro and others will be there… so if you are heading up - say “HI!” to them…

Once we launch, if everyone could shout from the rafters, it’d be extremely helpful. :slight_smile:

Many thanks :slight_smile:


sits on edge of seat gripping a ten quid note