Blame Space!


Awesome stuff fella! :smiley:




Moving house, family ‘things’ and multiple bouts of the flu has delayed things a bit… but dispatch is finally happening!

@Zorndar’s and @NaloaC’s have been dispatched (US/AUS/ROW sent 1st - they are all done. Most EU shipments went yesterday and this morning. Next up - UK!)

It’s very cold in here. Can’t wait to sort the ceiling with insultation :stuck_out_tongue:


WOOOhooo, I see my name! I like presents, lets pretend I didn’t pay for it. It will be like christmas!


The third picture down makes it look like you’re doing a job and you’ve just managed to get in to the vault and theres a fleet of Mini Coopers sat outside ready to whisk you off!


I like Minis. Where are they? Jester what are you hiding from us?


Ironically, there is a car behind me. Just ain’t no mini…


NO how could you destroy our dreams!


Just off camera is the vault drill and the balaclava’d dude with the Mac 10!

On a serendipitous note: We’ve just been organising out next boardgame weekend!!


I mean those, in theory, could be bone saws! So maybe he has a dark secret? The vault and Mac 10 are only a small jump from that.


Shhhhhhhhhh :stuck_out_tongue:


Was just about to ask about the saws and torture implements hung up on the wall :thinking:


Wife must messaged me saying parcel arrived. No idea what it was so asked her to open it.

What a nice surprise and I even got a note!


Where’s the kisses?!!


I think I got everyone that helped with the tabletopia play testing - apologises if I missed anyone, the year has been hectic. @adrock, @vredesbyrd, @Scottyboy, @Hammy, @Xander, @Kate, @Buggsy and @spoonlamp.

You’re all immortalised in the inside cover of the rules… You can all take the blame if there are any problems with the rules too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for everyone’s help with this project :slight_smile:


Have to say @Jester the packaging and cards are top notch! Look really well


Picking mine up from the posty tomorrow, canny wait!


I r dun got mine today in the post while I was on the road. Really nice packaging, playmat is great quality with a lovely aroma of ink :grinning:

Looking forward to getting the chance to play it. Sad I never got to sit in at a game during the session, but I thought it better to let everyone do a few rounds of it to nitpick at it more :slightly_smiling_face:

Well done on the release!


Now I HAVE to buy it. Which is good because it was brilliant fun ^^


hehe - yes, you do.

Can I ask that everyone who has purchased it or played it leave a review on boardgamegeek - It’s the most important portal for a post-launch product gaining momentum.


Cheers :slight_smile: