Blame Space!


I’m setting up a boardgames weekend atm so I’ll get the five attendees to get on to BBG and post a review when we’ve had a few games.


Nice one matey :smiley:




So, we’ve been getting reports of the expansion deck having their cards loose in the box - only to US customers - which is odd, because they are in pretty tight in a little sleeve… Not really likely to come out.

Then it dawned on us: The cards are called “Suicide Mission

Over-zealous US customs getting their pants in a twist that we are secretly informing a sleeper terror cell of an upcoming mission through the guise of a card game? LOL. maybe.

If Trump suddenly announces that he’s increasing funding to his “Space Force” because of a previous unknown threat from outer-space - then we’ll take the blame :slight_smile:



Just opened mine and its a bit weird dude…

Reckon I know why customs were worried :grin:


That was the super duper pledge level…