Bollocksy Whiskey

This could get real messy really fast :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing thread management for ages, just very surreptitiously. They call me the Sam Fisher of thread management. :grinning:

In all seriousness, the mod tools of Discourse are very good.


That’s why you’re a GW :wink:

The Discourse tools are very good, I agree. There also isn’t a awful lots that needs moderating because we’re a pretty good little community on the whole.

Speaking of Discourse, there is a major update due to be installed. I need to do a backup.


Geez whats all this off topic forum management chat in the Whisky topic!?


Drunken ramblings

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Whiskey fuelled games tonight?

I ALWAYS recommend the Highland Park 12 yo (which used to look like this);

as a must-have for common drinking. Beautiful dram with loads of flavour and just a hint of spice, but not a mega expensive special whisky. But it looks like they’ve changed their line quite a bit and re-named everything to be all Vikingy (it’s from Orkney, same place as Twatt farm I mentioned in another post) where Scotland is South and they’re closer to Norway than to London…


I remember being well and trully floored thanks to HIghland Park one year just after the bells! Thanks to a pals dad who came first footing. But yeah, a nice dram.