Borderlands 3: Mask of Mayhem


Oh yeah!

I’ve only played the original (with expansions) and BL2 (no expansions), but they were both damn good fun, both solo and co-op.



Fuck yeah!!! Played the absolute heck out of 1+2! Like hundreds of hours between them!



Same, the two spinoffs (especially the last one, on Mars) where shit! I really hope this goes back to the original series. Not sure what annoyed me though, didn’t feel right.

Tiny Tina was probably my favourite character! Or maybe Mr Torque?



I really didn’t enjoy Borderlands 2 the way I did the first so never actually completed it or played much of the DLC at all or played the space one.

I’ll look to see where this goes though.



Ooo - looks interesting! (played them all…)




I love the harsh enviroment changes and enemy variety!

If the humor is anythig like the frst 2 games it will be fantastic. I’m excited!



Really enjoyed Borderlands 2. For better or worse this looks like giving more of the same but a part of me is a little disappointed that this just looks like another bit of DLC for the second game.

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Aye, that’s a game with features and what have you. My interest is piqued. Hopefully the skills are actually interesting, and not more “10% more fire damage after five seconds of firing without reloading” bullshit.

Fuck percentage upgrades. Wow, my sense of fun is really fucking fired up by knowing that the lump of bandit fuckmeat I’m pissing lead at is marginally more annoyed because he’s also suffering from a 6% caustic burn for 1.5 seconds in addition to the fucking ROCKETS LANDING IN HIS FUCKING ESOPHAGUS. I’m so fucking excited I think I might go fill in a spreadsheet.



You feel strongly about this, I see.

Speaking of feeling strongly about something: Dibs on the one with the abs! Omg the abs.

Something in the trailer is giving me serious Leviathan Warships flashbacks.



It’s an EPIC store exclusive for 6 months i belive so it can fuck off if im buying it at launch on PC or i might just get it on PS4 pro.

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I’m not really sure what the issue is with this… The publishers get more money than if on Steam lol…

But anyway… Who doesn’t have Steam,Uplay,Battlenet,Origin and GoG now days… One more won’t make any difference…



it’s that i don’t want another client to have to sign up for and remember my password and hope dosn’t get hacked. And it’s a forced exclusive not like say if the next Assassins creed game was a Uplay exclusive that fine as UBI own and make the game, Epic have done nothing apart from pay for it. You don’t see this on console games ( you can only buy Spiderman PS4 from ASDA as a stupid example )

Im not all that bothered about the game anyway as i really don’t like Randy Pitchford he’s a slimy creep by all accounts so im happy to avoid giving him money.

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The publishers get a bigger cut and the royalty fee for using Unreal Engine is covered. It really makes sense from 2K’s perspective… I have no issue with it, but each to their own.



100% with you on needing another platform and on Pitchford being a slimeball. Its second nature to question anything even related to Pitchford for me these days.

I get where you’re coming from though Pip, it is a much better deal for developers. And really, demolishing the natural monopoly that Steam has become should be beneficial to us as consumers. I just don’t think the benefits outweigh the risks we’re expected to take juggling accounts/passwords/platforms from each publisher who decides they want a slice of the pie.

If they want us to invest our money and take the risk with our money and our personal details, they need to offer more than just another option of platform to install our games through. I’m not even suggesting lower prices or discounts, even Steam have rolled that back a few steps over the years. In my mind the platform should at least mirror the experience I get with Steam if not take the opportunity to improve on the places Steam have gotten it wrong but through either complacency or apathy just haven’t bothered to fix.

Off the top of my head:

  • Don’t build the platform on what appears to be Internet explorer like Steam have. I literally cannot navigate between screens/pages/whatever without finding at least one instance where a button just wont respond to my clicks or a page/screen wont load properly.
  • Take some ideas from other communications platforms and give us a proper chat/comms tool. Steam chat almost seems like they used MSN as the basis.
  • Either have community forums that are managed, or remove them completely.
  • Actually curate and manage the content going on the store. I’ve said this a few times but I’ll say it again: Steam is turning in to the PC version of the Android Play store.
  • Learn from the way that Steam does mods and then turn the process of finding mods in to something more than rolling bones or consulting entrails like it is trying to actually find content in the workshop. If Steam just learned a few things from Nexus (who I don’t think have got it 100% right but are much further ahead than Steam) the workshop would be excellent and there is no reason other platforms couldn’t do the same.
  • Make having an exclusive something that benefits the customer more than just trying to make a dent in a monopoly. If all things were equal and B3 were released on every PC distribution platform, which one would the vast majority choose? Some of these platforms wouldn’t get a look-in if it worked like that, and they know it so pull this exclusive rubbish just like on consoles. If they actually made it beneficial to us as customers to have a game on their service they wouldn’t have to rely on exclusives to bring foot traffic to their platform.

Curate your platform like Apple, do your comms like Discord, embed streaming directly in to the platform (open it up so we can stream to other services from the platform like to Youtube and Twitch) and integrate mod support but tighten up the process of finding content - that’ll give Steam/Origin/Uplay something to really think about.

Edit: That wasn’t all directed at you btw Pip. It just turned in to a brainfart.

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Bring back cd installs.



if it was on every but steam i would use GoG followed by Uplay.




Looks fun, but also more of the same. And other games have jumped on the loot shooter concept in a big way - Destiny, Division, Anthem, Warframe - I wonder how Borderlands will fit. Will it be a straight up co op shooter/sp shooter or will it try to do a massive open world MMO esque affair?

Also - trying to play BL2 now is a bit of a throwback. The mission structure is still fairly flat with only a few voice overs sticking out of the usual “shoot room of dudes, get loot” format that seems to be utterly prevalent in all shooters now.

Whatever happened to set pieces and big ass missions? Getting the warthog in Halo, storming the citadel in Half life? Finding a time travel device and going back and forth in Titan Fall 2?

I really hope this has something more interesting going on…

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Going by the tag line over ONE BILLION GUNS, BL2 did something similar and the majority of them were trash and boring. I don’t think quantity is a good thing in that extreme. I can’t belive im gonna say this but i think i like the way destiny does it’s guns few guns but that mean something.

But this is conjecture games not here and i an’t played it yet so hmm.



This had reminded me how much I enjoyed the last Borderlands, which I never completed. My constant “oo look a shiny” and booze-addled attention/memory meant I got to a point where I had no idea what I was meant to be doing or where I was meant to be going… Maybe I’ll just reinstall that