Borderlands 3: Mask of Mayhem

Is it Borderlands 2 you’re talking about or the Presequel?

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Here’s an hour of the gameplay:


That does look rather spiffy but i think if i do get it i’d favor the PS4 as i could run it above 1080p as thats what im limited to on my PC ( if my CPU can hold up) i take it most of if not all of ZiiP who are getting it would be PC bound ( also i avoid epic that way)

I go with PC I think, I have epic already anyway because of Metro, Satisfactory and Hades and no PS4 in sight :D. IF this comes out on Switch, THAT would be awesome!

I like the scaling and instanced loot, makes Coop more convenient! The Villains look meh … I hope they have better ones.

The “spaceship” seems like nothing more than a HQ, I hope it has some life to it, maybe incooperated in the Story a bit? We already had fairly large variance of enviroments in the past games. Still exploring other planets might be cool, IF they are filled with stuff to do. If it comes to another openworld “nothing is in it” game" than it would loose a lot of its charme.

Its nice that most of the old systems are back, Moxxis tip jar, the gamble stations, trophy hunting, erridium shards and so on. Also some juicy new additions like the alternative gun fire or improved movements system. I’m abit sad the skill system seems barely improved… . All in all feels like Borderlands 2 with a bit more bling added, not sure if its justfies a fully fletched new game?

hmm thats a bit shitty

Randy pitchford is a weird person

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Gonna skip this. Gearbox under Mr Pitchfork is a sketchy company, Epic game store exclusivity is a major turn off and the whole nonsense Reno has helpfully shared has sealed the deal.


More info coming about if true pitchford is a prick, he seemed weird duche when i saw him at rezzed a few years back

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Not sure yet, probably won’t buy at launch. Maybe I pick it up in a sale later? Pitchfork defintely is a douche, did he never hear the term “don’t throw rocks when you are glasshouse” or “don’t poke the bear”? If he really did all that shit they claimed he did, I would keep my mouth shut and not go around and spill lies everywhere.

not a big jim sterling fan but yeikes!


Sadly I have lost all excitement for this and have no idea why.

I decided to pick this up much later for cheap and/or wait for the reviews. All the bad PR for this is kinda heartbreaking in respect to the developers. My excitement got sort of sucked out enitrely because of the CEO and Gearboxes policies, not the actual game.

I’m really not sure, I’m a huge Borderlands fan but the EPIC store requirement is a huge downside also the pricing on it with all the stupid different versions is massively offputting incl. the season pass. Jumping on later also will get me the peace of mind if the game is actually good and also gets all the bugs ironed out, and there will be plenty.

Also I have Gears 5 and a bunch of other stuff to play. Beside organising an international move … .


The history of Borderlands has always been the release, followed by a plethora of DLC packs (generally pretty good), and then a GOTY edition being released for buttons within a year or two.

When Borderlands first came out, it was pretty novel in the gameplay and the co-op side of things and it was an absolute hoot to play with friends, always hunting for that shinier drop of loot.

That being said, the market is so heavily saturated these days that we’re utterly spoilt for choices in things to play. I hadn’t really paid any attention to BL3 because I expected it to simply be more of the same, which is no bad thing mind you. However, I will also be holding off until it drops in price and see if anyone is interested in picking it up once it is a bit cheaper and there are enough folk for a good co-op playthrough.

And there is this


Have you seen the prices for some of the editions?! Bloody hell…

And that is with CDKeys prices.

I’m fairly happy not buying it right away. Not only is its performance questionable right now for how it looks (120fps on a 2080Ti, 9900k @ 1080p?) but it also suffers from some cloud safe issues and instability on DX12 it seems. At least on some rigs, there are the typical people with “Its running well on mine so it must be your PCs problem”.

I recall all the Borderlands games being a bit buggy at the start. I will just wait till it release on Steam, hopefully discounted too and hopefully also a bit more polished!

If not I will just wait a bit longer :smiley: .


My self restrain crumbled. I needed a good single player game I can play without internet connection and got bored of Indivisible (great game though). I let yo know how it works ot tonight :smiley: . I hope 1.5 months were enough to polish it out a bit more.

Don’t judge me please, I’m a weak minded soul when I get bored.


Aren’t we all?

…No seriously, that wasn’t rhetorical. Do I have a problem? Clue me in here.

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I’m a couple hours in. In total it is more Borderlands in the spirit of B2, not the crappy intermission one. The performance is a bit questionable, 40-140fps on medium (notebook, i78750H, 16GB ram, 1070MaxQ, @1080p). Not sure whats going on there, seems a bit hit and miss with the fps drops.

Humor is similar to B2 BUT the villains are awful. They are these kinda influencer/streamer personality and its really obnoxious. I hate them with passion but mostly for their dialogue. Otherwise its fairly solid, the gun gameplay seems to be an upgrade from B2 and the skill tree seems to have a few twists in it. I don’t play MP mode though due to my crappy internet connection.

Best part, not bullshit microtransaction, “free” extra skins unlocked via gameplay in good old Borderlands fashion. Not sure if the events are free as I have the season pass. I think the Halloween Event is free?!

I like it, Destiny 2 is still the better Shooter though, the gun play is simply superior. I think they fill different roles so its not really a fair comparison, Destiny is more serious whereas B3 is more of a mayhem kinda game :smiley: .