"Bride cancels wedding, breaks up with fiancé after friends and family refuse to pay for $60G nuptials"

Original article.

A woman’s long-winded tirade blaming her friends and family for canceling her dream $60,000 wedding has gone viral on social media.

The bizarre story has received a massive response after being shared on Facebook and Reddit by a woman identified as the bride’s cousin.

The Facebook post starts with, “It comes with great sadness that I am announcing the cancellation of the [censored] Wedding. I apologize for cancelling only 4 days beforehand.”

The bride, identified as Susan, then reveals that she and her fiancé have broken up “due to some recent and irreparable problems” before going on to blame her friends and family for “ruin[ing] my marriage and life.”

I saw this on imgur and it was too perfectly crazy to be real but…apparently it is…

The imgur post:

I didn’t think there were really people like this. I want this to turn out to be complete bullshit like it feels it is…

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Read this yesterday on Facebook. What an ass

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WOW Bitch be crazy!

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“A local psychic told us to go with the more expensive option.” :rofl:

“we just needed a little push” - to get from 15k to 60k…

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You’d think, if they were going for a blow-out wedding, they’d splurge on an imported psychic