Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. PuBG mode

Had turned of during the reveal so missed this. Interested to see more of how big the map is.

Have to say I am really interested in this.

So apparently, according to Mr frags, the map will host 80 players!? Pretty impressive for a COD game, and also vehicles.

Heres the map. I figure I will always aim to spawn in Cargo!


Have to say looks good fun, I like the idea of Zombies also being in on it and to be honest just the thought of COD on a massive map interests me. Anyway, some crack from Jackfrags below.

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This mode in this game does sound interesting, enough for me to buy the game, maybe not.

Yeah this is the problem. Im going to try and get in on the Beta to see. Campaign COD still interests me and if this is as good as it could be then I could be tempted.

Did they not take single player out if this one?

Hmmm. They took it out of Insurgency sandstorm. If they did then that will certainly make me think very hard over the merit of blackout mode.

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Better be damm good pub g mode then. I also enjoy zombies so still peaking my interest.

Apparently the beta is live on PS4. Probably pre-order bonus.

yeah it is. Sure there is open PC beta from 15th September.

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I’ll give it a go with ya Scotteh :slight_smile:

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How do you get the beta?

Watching Jackfrags play it on PS4. Map is massive. He just got a chopper flying about.

Quite possibly just by preordering. Will need to explore for other means.


Well according to Daily Star! lol No Preorder required.

How to get a free Beta code on PC?

PC players can take a look at the Blackout Battle Royale mode without pre-ordering, from 6pm UK time on September 15.


Seems you need to go via to get access

Downloading beta. But fek I hate my internet. 17gb dl, will probably be all day, and Il end up pausing it to do stuff!! hufff.

Where from @Scottyboy

Battlenet. Well im downloading something.

Where did you get the code? Keeps asking me for one