Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. PuBG mode


Got some form of it downloading. Should be on later for a blast.


Downloading, but no idea if it will be done for this evening.


Im the same. Defo on tomorrow. Maybe later this evening.


Is it an open beta or do you need to have pre-ordered it?




I didn’t even notice that Scotty posted about the time it goes live… My bad…


I have pre-downloaded this thing. Will fire it up immediately at 6PM. Just to note that if you have firewall running allow the game through before you start it. If you do not do that then you will get a black screen(happened to me) when testing.


Downloading… could be a while :frowning:


What are peeps gamertags so I can add you as friends?


Mines is just Scottyboy#21390 apparently.




Friend requests sent


Is there teams on this or every man for himself?


pretty sure there are squads. not sure max number though.


single, duos or 4 player squads.


Got it down yet Scotty?


2.33 GB to go. So will be on this evening.


Well it’s fun and frustrating. Not worth the full game though and don’t think I’d get enough enjoyment out if this game mode for me to get the full game.


My download has shit-fit while I was in dublin and I still have another 12GB to download, so I’ll set it going overnight.


My tag is RoGuEUK#2596