Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. PuBG mode


Didnt ask me for one. Knowing week ive had probably wrong thing im downloading. Tuned in for Apple launch during the week and after about an hour realised i was watching last years!!
Out with the dog the now so cannae check


Did you use I linked my account to my steam account. but it doesnt seem to have worked


I downloaded the desktop app and then created a n account. I didnt link it to steam. Clicked on COD BLOPs4 and then install button. But i now dont recall it saying blackout or beta. Hmm


Yeah I just opened up the desktop app and saw Blops 4 ready to install. Will report back very soon once downloaded.


what desktop app? lol



Just found it after I asked the question lol


Servers go live for Open at 10AM PDT it says when I launch… Which is 6PM.


Got some form of it downloading. Should be on later for a blast.


Downloading, but no idea if it will be done for this evening.


Im the same. Defo on tomorrow. Maybe later this evening.


Is it an open beta or do you need to have pre-ordered it?




I didn’t even notice that Scotty posted about the time it goes live… My bad…


I have pre-downloaded this thing. Will fire it up immediately at 6PM. Just to note that if you have firewall running allow the game through before you start it. If you do not do that then you will get a black screen(happened to me) when testing.


Downloading… could be a while :frowning:


What are peeps gamertags so I can add you as friends?


Mines is just Scottyboy#21390 apparently.




Friend requests sent