Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. PuBG mode


Is there teams on this or every man for himself?


pretty sure there are squads. not sure max number though.


single, duos or 4 player squads.


Got it down yet Scotty?


2.33 GB to go. So will be on this evening.


Well it’s fun and frustrating. Not worth the full game though and don’t think I’d get enough enjoyment out if this game mode for me to get the full game.


My download has shit-fit while I was in dublin and I still have another 12GB to download, so I’ll set it going overnight.


My tag is RoGuEUK#2596


Have to say as I played more, the game grew on me. I got back into the swing of COD style engagements and was able to at least put up a semi decent fight before being bunny hopped quick scoped.

I can see this COD die hard fans loving this,. It is COD on a massive map! by COD standards. It feels small compared to PUBG and ARMA 3 maps. The 80+ players on the map tend to find each other fairly quickly so games feel a quicker pace than PUBG.

No problems with looting, or picking up items/weapons etc. And inventory system is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Totally agree with @Hammy though, not sure there is enough in here for me to want to fork out full price for COD game. If it was stand alone and maybe £20 I probably would.


Installation buggery!! Can’t be arsed to re-download it.




When does this beta close?


5pm today I believe


Did anyone buy this game?


Tempted, but it is still too dear for just that mode and one map.


Nah. Also tempted but gaming time is going to be rarer I think BFV will be where its at for me.


Soo. Did anyone else get this? I got it free with my monitor. Had to jump through hoops to simply “apply” to get the free download code! Upload photo of box, upload invoice, entter serial number, read terms and conditions… bleh.

Anyway, will probably dabble when I get it. @NastyPasty you must be getting it seeing as you got same deal on monitor.


when the price drops I wouldn’t mind partaking in the BR side of the game


Wow. They’ve finally caught on. Took long enough.

So many CD Keys enter the market from hardware bonuses. I mean, back a few years ago, you could get them by the thousand at ridiculously cheap prices. Those hoops are in place to ensure you do actually have the hardware to warrant being part of the deal.


Seems to be 40 euro and another 5 if you would be getting the dls.
Not doing this yet, but I am tempted.