Call of Duty modern Warfare

Campaign looks very decent… Multiplayer will likely be the same old dog shit it’s become.


Yeah looks decent. Only thing Im interested in.

Yep got to say this does look very playable :slight_smile:

Sooo - are game developers just not making new names for games anymore?

I’m going to buy! again!

Ok - this looks fucking fantastic. Fuckers. Don’t make something that is actually going to tempt me to buy a new GFX card… grrrah.


Does look great. Would love a co-op game mode in this. No interest in multi player like this any more

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Saw this on PC Gamer article


If all of whats in this video is true, ‘Modern Warfare’ might actually be an attempt at a reboot or another franchise. Warning: Jim Sterling video:

For those with an allergy to Jim:

“I don’t know if any of you remember this but…when Modern Warfare 2 was in production thats exactly what it was gonna be called - it was just straight up gonna be called Modern Warfare 2 without the Call of Duty prefix…”

He goes on to say that Activision were trying to position Modern Warfare as its own franchise, separate from Call of Duty. Apparently ‘brand awareness’ was the reason they walked it back and slapped COD infront of it in the end.

Shrug, if the campaign is anything like COD4 I’m in.

Just been sent this… Interesting indeed.

That could change things

That’s interesting.

Fuckers. For reasons specified by me earlier.

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From a technological perspective, the trailer demonstrates a radical revamp of COD’s rendering technology and the trailer revealed today is running in real-time on PlayStation 4 Pro. No CG fakery, no ‘in-engine’ footage - what you see is what you get, and it’s a new milestone for the franchise.

Pc players will be “required” to use a controller for cross platform play.

Also how long until loads of players get pissed off as it’s not like the other cod titles and more a sim (if that is true)

If so, they can just wait till next year for the next one… I assume only the MW Reboot will be like this… The next could be back to being arcadey.

Very hopeful if its more ‘authentic’. In already sold anyway, campaign and coop. All good. No fussed about cross platform play.

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I’m actually sort looking forward to this if they stick to the more realistic approach and none of the shit that has been before.

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