Call of Duty modern Warfare

been playing warzone with friends on xbox good fun it’s crossplay so can always play with ziipsters to!

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Great video on the anti-cheat. Only taken 15+ years for AC to be taken seriously by developers and not have to be retrofitted by a third party.

Guess there is finally monetary value in games being cheat free these days.

I should really play this game. Looks ace

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as some one who hated the pubG and fortnite crazy i really enjoy this game the spec ops stuff is fun and challanging to

I had my last game the other night. Reasonable games, just not finding it enjoyable anymore. Uninstalled now. I got my money’s worth. :slight_smile:

Well worth the money - enjoyment is still there

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W00t a 6th and then a disconnect :frowning: would be good to do some Trio/quads

Solos is super sweaty… but good fun

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Think ive had my fun with this now. Will keep it on the pc for the odd round here and there. 10/15 min blasts are about as much as I can do.

New Patch out. Another new map out. This time the constrction map from MW3. Cannae mind it.

30GB of new goodies. Anyway, Il download it later. DayZ beckons.

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chnages to the gulag for warzone now has automatic guns insted of pistols. I like the new map never played MW3 so it’s brand new to me :smiley:

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And A Game with GHOST

Add me as a activision friend for crossplay goodness



Will do after work…

Friend request sent

got got anything ingame mic were did you add me? on bnet? or in the game on the activision side of things?

Added on Battlenet Reno

@Jester - are you tempted to get Warzone or the Full game; Warzone is free I think

you need to add me ingame though the activison one for crossplay

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Done that now

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Got down to last 15, picked up a new gun and forgot to take it off single shot; had the drop on the guy but one bullet against a mass - stood no chance… BAH!

Anyone getting Season 4?

For those that are interested, download is 45GB

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