Call of Duty modern Warfare

Preloaded on PS4 already.

Quite a few different downloads.

Seems they already jumping on the “choose what want to install” more than ever. Campaign, Spec Ops, Survival and Multiplayer all individual.

Interesting. Looking forward to it. And also a bit of runny about shooty mcshootyface mp is kinda appealing to me at moment. Pc downloads dont kick off until tomorrow morning

128GB Install - Yikes.


Ouch… 55GB odd on PS4.

Dont know why its so much greater. Anyway on its way down. OOH @VirulentPip we will be able to play cross play!?

Only 96GB to go after first nights downloading. Il leave it on all day today and should be hopefully down to around 70GB. Overnight again tonight down to 50GB. All day tomorrow down to 30GB. And then hopefully be ready to play at some point on Friday while I have the day off!

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First thoughts! COD! Its COD.

Campaign I am loving. Classic COD cinematics. Scenes stolen from 13 soldiers of Beghazi (great movie if you have not watched), Zero Dark Thirty and still a bit to play so maybe more. Thought provoking and heart string pulling scenes a plent as well.

Good work @Hammy on landing the voice acting job!

Multiplayer had a few rounds. The Ground War Mode, for me is terrible. Just simpy terrible. It highlights for me that COD games are pretty much quick paced run about daft shooters on smallish maps.
edit* scrub that played it again and really enjoyed it. Would be good with a 4 man squad.

I did however, enjoy the more traditional modes. And the way it played at times I thought " rainbow six Seige"…

What’s the video? Can’t watch it

Its one of the sas guys sounds like you!

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That annoys me. Probably more than it should.

“History is written by the victors”, it was once said. Churchill I believe. Now it’s just rewritten by anyone to suit the agenda. Does it matter? Actually, yes. In my mind, it does. To think your nation is holier-than-thou, especially in war, is just stupid. We can’t deny actions that are tantamount to war crimes. Yet we do.

Equally, the current tensions with Russia makes it borderline propaganda. It’s not like these games don’t spend millions on research etc.

Hmm. Bet of a tenuious link. A name of a highway in the game that share the name of that posted event. Its a frigging game. It is very thought provoking which COD always seems to achieve. From terrorists on Londom streets aimlessly shootinh innocent people, to watching Has clouds choke people in chemical attacks.
Or escaping the clutches of a Soldier as a child, hismding about your house. Regardless of who the oppressor is does a good job of highlighting where the hate comes from.

Whats is however interestingly topical in the game. Is that the rebel faction helping out get labelled as a terrorist faction. Which as a player is actually quite like WTF. Made me think of Kurds in Syria

Is it just me or is it virtually impossible to find a copy of this on the pc on the web? Just looking a price

Will require you to register, verify your email and then you will need to enable the gamesplanet to link to your account as they register the game via blizzard directly.

Ahh. Sneaky shot through cover. If id been on the receiving end of this kill cam think id be a bit “wtf!” Total speculative shot.


Classic Scotty

It does make me want to buy it.

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Not loving the ground war so much. Can just about bare it on the City map, but wasnt a fan of this new map. Shoothouse is ok. Quite good if you want to try and just try and work on a particular weapon. Hardpoint. yeah ok.

Buy it!!!

Saw @Xander comment in bf4 thread and @Jester comment in chatbox about WW2.

I love the MP of this. Takes me back to happy days as well. Bunny Hoppers yes, but they become predictable. Hackers? Not reaaly sire id say I’d encountered that many. Kill Cams that make you go wtf? Yes. But good use of the compass markers and UAV amd personal radars can mame it pretty to easy to track players.
Its fast paced, run and gun but some of the bigher maps are good for flanking or for camp…i mean defending the areas.
Fal is weapon of choice for me now. Silenced with 4x flip sight. Very satisfying kills. But enjoyed the pp19 smg, or the m13 assault rifle and M90 mg.
This is COD i remember including its frustrations which I seem to be able to get over quite quickly now.


Might get this. Currently 39 quid on cdkeys. @Jester you got a link for it?