Call of Duty: Warzone (Free to Play)

Does anyone play this?

  • Yes
  • Downloaded but not played it
  • Thinking of having a go
  • Tried it but not for me
  • Uninstalled it
  • No

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Have not uninstalled it yet. But with MS Flight sim now available space is needed and this will probably have to go.

Nope - never got around to it. Not enough hours in a day.

I only installed it at work to test out a customers GPU that was supposed to crash while playing it

Was hoping for some team games… oh well :frowning:

I played a couple games a while back but uninstalled it recently. 2-3 games in a week doesn’t justify the insane storage requirements. It is good fun though, one of the more enjoyable battle royals.

I played it a good bit a while ago. Have to say I enjoy it quite a bit. The storage requirements are just don’t though. I’m probably uninstalling it so I can get flight simulator 2020 installed. Sorry.

Did I read some where the full cod game is now close to 200gb storage?

Yeah I read that somewhere. Dont know what warzone on its own is. I’m same as @Ronin want to put flight sim on which is about same I think.

When i loaded it at work it just fit on a 120GB SSD :smiley:

Just uninstalled all 181GB of it.

No worries @Ronin

People have moved on…